Iraqi Ministry of Planning discusses the 5-year development plan; Announces completion of Arbil finalized

The Ministry of Planning in the Iraqi government held its second five-year National Development Plan 2013-2017 in collaboration with USAID and the United Nations Development Programme for a period of three days.

Said Mahdi Keywords and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning for “Twilight News” that his ministry and in cooperation with the relevant ministries, “completed the final version of the economic development plan for the years 2013 – 2017 and continued to work about a year.”

“At this conference we will discuss final papers and hope that crystallized during the conference, (then) submitted to the Iraqi Council of Ministers later this year.”

To Rose Nuri Shaways said Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, during the meeting, that “the primary focus of the government is focused on building rights through the provision of basic services and we as the Iraqi government are serious about what is the best and the best.”

In turn, Ali Sindi and planning minister in the Kurdistan Regional Government, “We are in our millennium goals and three Iraqi national plan to achieve progress into consideration as well as our great sectoral plan.”

“We are trying harmony with the central plan and try to study the agricultural sector not only to ensure food security, but also contribute to the (address) and reduction of unemployment.”

The unemployment rate in Iraqi Kurdistan about 6 percent, the lowest rate in the history of the province, which has been growing since the overthrow of former President Saddam Hussein.