Zebari: Obama will be more liberal in dealing with important files

Detect and Iraqi Foreign Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, the scenes of a meeting of Arab foreign ministers, which was held recently at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo to discuss the Syrian crisis. He talked about the question marks surrounding the conference over three hours of debate. The Zebari fact Iraqi position of each raises or relation to the crisis, the Syrian quoted “Middle East” Zebari as saying: “We welcomed including up to the opposition in Doha and standardization positions opposition, but there are regulations revolutionary inside Syria was not involved coalition does not recognize him, and this we early to be considered the sole legitimate representative, as well as rejection of the dialogue. “

The expectation of a change management of the crisis in Syria and positions during the next spring. He said: “It may happen a limited humanitarian intervention or escalation, and word escalation means everything.”

Turning to dialogue Gulf-Iraqi relations and the position of Iran, Zebari considered that preconceptions about Iraq caused delay in the normalization of relations. He said: “The doors are open, and the size of Arab officials visits to Iraq does not compare visits officials in Iran.” And also reaffirmed the commitment of Iraq prisoner exchange agreement with all the Arab countries.

With regard to the mandate of President Obama second Zebari said: “definitely will continue to American foreign policy, but the president always feel at the second session of the rule will be stronger and free from restrictions other elections, so he wants to record his positions in domestic and foreign issues are important, and foreign policy will govern American interests and its relations with the region, and has already dealt with the revolutions Arab Spring, Iraq and the Iranian nuclear file with the peace negotiations and have the background and experience accumulated, but are known to have backed away from some of the commitments, so I think that in the second term for Obama will be foreign policy has a very large area of the Department’s cooperation U.S. with countries in the region. “

And priorities administration in external files, Zebari said: “In my opinion Thread Compressor them is a very Syrian issue now, and the issue of Iran also because, according to estimates could induce changes in attitudes during the next spring. Could get changes regarding Syria or any file Iranian nuclear program. “