Address the counterfeit currency and a national task to build a strong economy


Security services play to reduce them
BAGHDAD – Bshirkhozal
information leaked by some traders showed that the counterfeit currency from a five and ten thousand dinars circulated by some of the promoters to buy the U.S. dollar, as revealed another section of the existence of local gangs purpose of wealth you print those currencies in secret places, and then replace the original currency (money laundering), either some brokers banking non-official has confirmed that the sources of counterfeit currency is not internal and… is purchased from abroad for the purpose of profiting from the sales and promotion within the country, at a time in which it denied the competent organs of economic crimes tuned to any Press-handed operation counterfeiting of currency, and the fact of the matter is that the group of persons Imithnon promotion arrested some of them and others are chasing them.
in the markets, business deals merchants Iraqi dinar and the U.S. dollar, but the militancy in the examination of the Iraqi currency takes time is available to those who handle tens of millions of dinars and hundreds of thousands of of dollars. 
 Hamid Kazem dealer in the market for a beautiful said: There are coins forged Iraqi categories of (ten and five thousand) is being circulated in the markets, so we notation amounts received by any person punctuation is for the purpose of not mixing it with the rest of the money, Flaeugd enough time to any dealer to examine 30 or 50 million dinars, our long experience in business dealings has taught us to take the precaution when there is a widespread demand to buy the dollar and the rising price of all known rolling, especially when increasing the purchase of the dollar for the purpose of saving and not for purposes of trade, this case requires the presence and abundance of local financial big pay as opposed to hard currency, the trader buys the dollar to pay for a commodity, then sell the local currency and collect the equivalent of the dollar and buy from the bank or banking offices sober and well known, but when the common process of circulation of counterfeit currency, most traders resort to the use of the dollar standing, demand more for the dollar and increases its price, which causes confusion in the market transactions. 
discharge counterfeiter 
Thurs Fadel merchant goods, electric street in the Republic said: We are traders we can not accurately identify the sources of pumping counterfeit currency to the market, but can reveal sources of trading, which leads ultimately to the group of traders received the amounts accumulated from the sale of their wares over the days of the week or more did not examine that money, and sometimes we find that the amount of what has been received from a commercial bank my family or a government where there are some counterfeit banknotes planted within the packages amounts, whether it was intended, first, when such amounts to the dealer what to be and that the Ptsrifaa because it will cause great loss to the guilty him, which only he was treated according to the principle of trust for others, it found a new kind of brokers conduct of the currency, “multiplied” in exchange for wage fees are agreed upon between the trader and broker, and these will inevitably be to have relationships with some banks and banking offices, although they Aathdthon the secrets of the profession. 
without checking 
in the markets of vegetables and fruits to Aieir citizen and grocer any attention to the categories of paper of different and are traded smoothly without any problems, so that a section of the shop owners said they receive all the coins to local and Aadqqon in safety, in particular they paying to wholesalers in Alaloh, and these also Enzddon in receiving and Aachkkon them. 
  says Monem Abdul Wahid (Mtda) in the market for a waterfall in the Shaab district of Baghdad: I have a small shop selling fruit and vegetables bought my goods in an amount up to four to five million JD packages of five-and ten thousand and twenty-five thousand dinars, I deal with hundreds of people every day at the height of work does not I check in the categories of cash, I can not distinguish between original and fake, but my children can know and extraction from the center of the package. 
fraud acceptable 
economic conditions that have passed the country since the days of the siege grew from the experience of most of the traders, whether they are shoppers or traders or employees, nor Tntal the process of promoting counterfeit currency, but some of the elderly and children, women, and perhaps people are Arefon about it, but they Aantbhon to the type of paper currency is sometimes a result of fatigue Below we attention, so they prey on promoters of the coin forged in shopping centers, women, smile Hassan (45)-year-old housewife said, came during one month to two fraud may not have been intended, at first I bought a kilo of meat and return to me butcher the rest (25) thousand dinars were including ten thousand fake did not know about them until after the payment to the grocery store, and the second time received the amount of five thousand dinars forged from a seller of gas, but disbursed later knowledge of the markets. 
Central Bank 
Central Bank Consultant appearance of Mohammed Saleh said: Categories counterfeit received from branches banks to the Central Bank of around 11 thousand paper forged a five and ten thousand and five and twenty thousand Iraqi dinars and this is within normal limits of any country, other countries, banks, if you receive a fake currency be the responsible for them and be fined the bank size amount of counterfeit and hold him accountable under the law, as on the citizen that does not deal with strangers payments large cash without known source of currency, the task is a national first, all the security services react to repel this big crime, the Central Bank Law criminalizes the holder is promoted and is having produced, and the sources of counterfeit currency coming into the market between the benefit that most of the banknotes counterfeit comes through gangs internal and commercial organization and there may be other sources coming from the borders Director of Crime economy. 
safe level 
, director of economic crime in the Ministry of Interior Brigadier General Hussein Ali Al-Shammari spoke about the circulation of counterfeit currency, saying: counterfeiting is and Annfa it, not only in Iraq but in most countries of the world, the U.S. dollar has the highest elements of immunity and safety and in spite of that buffeted the process of counterfeiting, when we compare the level of Altazev with other countries, we find ourselves in the level of security, we are talking, according to statistics from the Central Bank, which recorded Aidaath end each month after it had received from branches across the country, it may be the media has a huge some of the cases we hear about as a replacement of counterfeit currency through banks, we have the reports and tables showing the amounts deposited in the Treasury’s central bank, when we find that the bank is deposited with fifty or a hundred billion dinars, and then discover three or ten thousand dinars, forged, this matter is quite normal and does not constitute any danger. 
* Do Agaytm arrested gang offense to counterfeit currency? 
– We have issues in 2011, the number of convicts in which to twenty people, ranged judgments from one year to ten years, and currently we have 40 cases we followed up were referred to the crimes and there are people being held in custody in cases involving counterfeiting of currency, what we felt in the last two years, that most of the fraud was confined to the promotion only, after the fall of the regime and found presses were printing the money, Kmtabah rivers , then stole the printing presses used to print currency which replaced the modern equivalent. 
* At the present time, but there are presses specializes in forging currency? 
– we capture the groups (filamentous) call them (promoters), and those people who sell a million Almzorb 400 thousand dinars, more than have been arrested are dealing with this style, is recognized in a public place and can not determine their place easily, but does not know one another, there are signs in counterfeit currency can be detected because the fraud is not a high-quality, The currency of origin in which several colors overlapping and difficult warping thoroughly by counterfeiters, which enabled the owners of the markets of their knowledge easily, and therefore became the replacement process difficult by the promoters, the last theaters to promote the amounts of counterfeit was carried out in nightclubs, and we are accused of took promote counterfeit currency through these places, because of the darkness and the case of sugar, which controls on most of the present, and that some customers nightclubs who love Altmzar, Astsagua idea of buying a million fake b 400 000 Danarliqoumoua Bntherha the dancers, bands, and for the purposes (Alkchkh) only, and after tracing the sources of these rates shows that the pioneers of entertainment they buy from certain people, when arrested one of them, he bought from someone else does not know anything about him except the exercise sell counterfeit money, and we follow up on it now, either to talk about tuning Press-handed printing of counterfeit currency and got so far, I do not think that counterfeit currency can pass easily to any citizen because of poor paper type, colors used and the image of water (for HP) and personal history, there is a clear difference, and can be considered as things in control of it, dangerous truth is to become a significant digits, the most important thing that could be adopted now is the statistical tables of the Central Bank because the bank deposits and government civil go to the central treasury, and we have a plan with banking offices in case of counterfeit currency have included Alabaran source currency or promoter has, after that they were to Aestelmunha and Ergonha to its owner, which may replace it in another place. 
protection from the outside 
* This format includes all banking offices in Baghdad and the provinces or some of them? 
– guidance Alagiralve issued by the senior agent in the Interior Ministry to ensure the formation of task forces in each province to follow up the counterfeiting of currency, composed of the chief of police and intelligence officer and the fight against economic crime in Baghdad, and we have subunits close to the commercial markets monitor the situation, and in simple cases which comes through lack of awareness of some of the amounts of people who have sold a car for example, and the ratio of fake where a few, we pull those amounts and deposited with the Central Bank for the purpose of destroyed, and often does not exceed a few leaves of the categories of ten thousand or five thousand dinars, we are working jointly with the Central Bank and concerns us is to take the central bank looked up issue of foreign intervention in the fraud, the more the specifications of the currency of high quality and are printed on presses global bunker, the less the chances of successful forgery, counterfeiting of currency has a negative significant, including the destruction of the economy and raise inflation in the country and this Mataatbnah devices intelligence foreign, and therefore there must be effort intelligence and intelligence high can coordinate with other countries to limit the fraud, because we as a security under the Ministry of the Interior specialize domestic issues only, during the former regime was fraud very possible for the poor quality of the currency used at the time, and some took advantage of deteriorating situation of the currency for you drag a lot of material against the currencies of cash bogus, but the current currency differ significantly Taking what has been replaced during the process of lifting the zeros will be more immunity, especially when the minting of coins that can not be falsified at all. 
and the ratios recorded for fraud and the problems faced by the Anti-Economic Crime He said Ali: Through the inspection of printing presses and found some irregularities confined mostly in the failure to get those printing presses to leave the practice of the profession and there are other Ajazadtha expired, but we did not find the possibility of printing counterfeit currency, has asked the owners of printing presses that we find them a solution as to who gives them leave in time the former regime, the Ministry of Culture and Information is responsible for this matter, now the Ministry of Culture disclaims says that it is responsible for granting these licenses, and must be the work of these presses through formal legal channels for easy matter to regulators that can function better and faster, As a proportion can not be for us to determine exactly, there are funds deposited at the central bank which can be identified, either circulating in the market and the citizen There can know the figures accurately, but we feel reassured in this regard because of all the amounts passing through the central bank, and has scanners and specialists from the owners experience checking Currency and prepare tables we rely on for work, and between-Shammari said his department need developmental courses for the training of associates and officers to detect counterfeit currency crimes, to ensure limited circulation counterfeit money in a very narrow range of promoters can not damage the national economy.