Oil experts: Iraq, Iran will instead .. It will be the core countries of the Petroleum Exporting

Sun 03/18/2012 8:28

Baghdad (news) / report / .. advised the experts in the oil the Iraqi government of using sanctions against Iran and increasing oil production, and raise the volume of exports, stressing that Iraq will become the core countries exporting oil to all countries of the world. 
they said in a talk (of the Agency news) : for Iraq a great opportunity to increase its oil production and sale of large quantities of it under the cracked most of the countries of the oil and… the increase of prices. 
said expert on strategy and a member of Transparency International Oil Alaa Shaheen, before Iraq, a historic opportunity to exploit the international sanctions on Iran, to increase production and export larger quantities as possible, noting that many countries have relied on Iranian oil significantly, but the situation is changing, especially after the threat of Iran halted the distribution of oil to European Union countries and other countries. 
said Shaheen in a statement (of the Agency news) to the slight rise will happen to oil prices the world as a result of increased consumption human, and a preference for Iran to sell oil to some States to other countries. 
said Shaheen: that the EU will not be affected if Iran decides to stop pumping oil to him, he has a stock of good oil reserves, and continued: Iran is trying to use oil as a pressure on the EU, but will not Ntgeh especially after pursuit Iraq and Saudi Arabia to increase export volumes. 
predicted Alkhbayrala Shaheen be affected the Iranian economy in the event continue “intransigence” in many economic decisions, the most important oil. For his part, said oil expert Abdul Amir virgins, the oil licensing rounds by Iraq would help significantly to raise production and process export it, asserting that Iraq will take its proper place in the region and it will be important countries and reliable exporter. He virgins in a statement (of the Agency news): The Iraqi government should take advantage of the international sanctions imposed on Iran to increase the the export process, to contribute to raising financial resources, and that the countries upon which the nations of the world. and Acharaly: that the European countries has already started to reduce the purchase of Iranian oil, in the process proactively, before they proceed with Iran measures to reduce oil exports, advising Iran not to risk the closure of the Strait of of Hormuz, or reduce the sale of the oil.predicted virgins: the high oil prices because of the problems that occur now, as will the countries that need large quantities of oil to use reservoir strategic, until the price drop. oil expert Abdul Amir Athari emphasized: the possibility of the European Union to buy oil from the any country, whether from China or Saudi Arabia or Iraq, the fact that everyone is working under one system. had alerted oil expert Issam Chalabi, the Iraqi government Astmraramlah oil smuggling, Oostglal rights of joint oil unless it is to know, percentage or share of Iraq it, adding that high oil prices globally serve the Iraq significantly. Chalabi said in a statement (of the Agency news): The Iraqi government to take notice and to limit the smuggling of oil, as well as attention to Iraq’s share of joint oil fields. He added, the Iraqi government to take advantage of the sanctions imposed on Iran and more than of the process of production and exports, indicating the following: that Iran is preparing to countdown to implement its threat to stop the distribution of oil to European Union countries, to use the sheet pressure to change the attitudes and views of some countries on the sanctions imposed on it, expecting that Tstmralaqhobat International, which will affect the Iranian economy, which has already begun deteriorating. He expected the expert and the oil minister of the former Iraqi Issam Chalabi: that Tlji Iran the option of selling oil to Europe in exchange for hard currency, or the process of replacing oil with goods, and this Mastqom by Iran with China, the fact that China is seeking to obtain preferential rates, therefore, the EU managed to get the oil that China within the system of oil to Europe. This is The Director of the energy market and security in the International Atomic Energy Agency Daaderhosn, there are several options to make up for any shortfall in the export of Iranian oil, and the EU has a stock of good oil and its derivatives to face obstacles in potential output. / Finished / 33 . j.N