World Bank representative in Baghdad: Iraq’s resources wasted at the expense of subsequent generations

Confirmed the Special Representative of the World Bank in Iraq Marie-Helene a transition strategy Bank of partnership short-term partnership to medium-term for four years with Iraq, adding that this strategy will allow the World Bank to focus on three grounds which targeted financial management, economic development, as well as poverty . “Long” Ms. Mary Helen met at its office in Baghdad to Thorha issues and issues related to the relationship between the World Bank in Iraq:

 How do you see the recent developments that have occurred in the CBI? – For that matter we do not have the subjective opinion specific, and we are well aware that Iraq is an independent country with sovereignty and must be respected its decisions, and the only thing that I can say as an observer from the outside what is happening is that the deal the government transparently with this subject and reveal the real reasons for what happened, and also to know the people and specialists reasons that prompted the government or any other bodies to take such actions .. We are here asking to preserve the independence of the central bank, it is important in a country like Iraq is witnessing development in the field of economy and seeks to attract foreign investment.

 if I asked you about your opinion of the article’s central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi what this say? – I have had a professional relationship with Dr. Shabibi as well as personal relationship .. I find the world where a person in perceived competence and the nature of the work of the Central Bank of Iraq .. This is what can Agip within the limits of my knowledge Dr. Shabibi.

 How do you see the currency auctions and smuggled abroad? We have no information about the smuggling of currency, but the only thing that we see is auctions currency by the Central Bank of Iraq, which could be interpreted that, according to market need, but it is the buyer who is the seller and where to go this money we do not have an idea about them.

 How do you see the influence of Syria in Iraq’s financial situation? – It is very clear that the security situation in Syria has a significant impact on regional stability in general and affects in Iraq in particular and all this affects the neighbors with each other and, as happened with Turkey when he was an exchange of fire between Turkey and Syria.

As for the financial impact is not clear that it has the financial impact Syrian in. But I think there are some Syrians who have managed to flee from Syria and get their finances can be and put in Iraqi banks, and the possibility that there is demand for the dollar because of the Syrian crisis and we are not We have assurances or information sufficient to negate this issue also.

National Partnership Strategy  heard from some news agencies and newspapers that the World Bank is on the verge of a national partnership strategy with Iraq this strategy? Will serve Iraq?

– This strategy will move the World Bank from a short-term partnership to medium-term partnership for four years, this strategy will focus on three foundations targeting financial management, economic development, as well as poverty.

This strategy has started after years of consultations with the Iraqi government and local governments and media organizations, academics and civil society organizations of the private sector has been through we went we bank international to provinces except such as Baghdad, Muthanna, Basra, Dahuk, Erbil and Mosul to see what they think of this strategy, which carries much funding allocated by the World Bank which is close to nine hundred million dollars for four years and because of the lack of this figure because the reason behind the limited this support is that Iraq is a rich country and has sufficient resources, a request from the World Bank training and capacity building to see weakness in the administration currently in government . She also noted that some of the tools you will use to support these three pillars mentioned above is there a loan to support the Ministry of Finance as well as another loan to build and work fast lane number one, which extends from Umm Qasr to Syria, where will implement the World Bank as part of this road and not whole it is a very big project. As well as support the work of the government in the delivery of basic services to the Iraqi people in a sustainable manner.

* What is the government’s view of this strategy? – We had 3 short-term strategies for two years and was focused on providing support for reconstruction. The proposed strategy, which will be for four years will provide evidence to the world that Iraq is now open for business on the basis of which the World Bank has no strategy for four years.

Foundations of project selection

* Do you have current projects In Iraq? What are the sectors supported by the World Bank? And on what basis these projects were selected? – The World Bank has since 2003 with 46 projects and here in this scheme as Trane division of the projects that have been supported, as the sector water and sewage has received 22% of it, of the total value a billion dollars and 500 million dollars again came from international companies of donor countries and another 500 million has come from the World Bank where donor funded $ 500 million and the World Bank Mall the other half, and within these other projects is to support the budget and support the education sector.

* Is it true that the World Bank impose on the government views such as the abolition of the ration card, the removal of fuel subsidies or not to increase the salaries of retirees? – We do not charge our views on the government not discuss Multi support for raising fuel prices, but we are discussing Multi ration card and support social protection network and the reason that works and the reasons that led us to this is on these two points tasks is that there are existing methods used for the delivery of funds to the beneficiaries is not working and our dialogue with Government is Can you applied only the best service for people in need, and where these people will receive greater support from the government. The last statistics were work turned out to be in the house, which contains five of these each and every one of them received $ 150 thousand dinars and this amount is not enough to pay for the house nor education nor food so we encourage them to withdraw money from the people is in need to those who are in need have because this system gives total equal proportions who currently ميسورو case will get that but needy will remain at the bottom of society.

Unemployment in Iraq * What is the unemployment rate and the method of calculation in Iraq? – At first look at the size of the labor force in Iraq adults and able to work and also the proportion and number of people who are currently working in jobs and these two elements will extract or deduce the number of people who are looking actually for work, for example if we say that there is 87% of the men are working and 32 % of women work, we will find that there is a difference in the proportions of women working, where are these women? Are they working? Or looking for work? Are they workers or not in these ratios based on these data by unemployment rates, where this figure is the proportion of registered unemployed as researchers for jobs.

* What are the efforts and contributions made by the World Bank to increase employment opportunities for young people? – The Bank has a project worth (two comma seven million dollars) to improve living conditions in the south and will be implemented this project with Save the Children of Iraq in the south and the goal of this project is to help young people in Basra on how to get a job and owning skills pertaining to computer and computer and how to conduct interview and other skills. But as I pointed out that the strategy did not contain money or grant many for four years ahead because Iraq oil producer and these funds if requested by the government will be in the form of loans and interest rates and contain the terms and conditions for Iraq to give it back rates for this benefit and therefore The government must decide whether you will take the loan from the World Bank to complete these projects or we will use the advisory capabilities bank in project design more for the benefit of young people.

* What are the difficulties faced by your work in Iraq? Is there support and cooperation by the government side? (After moments of silence .. smiled sarcastic and said) – There are many challenges and constraints faced by our work, one weak capabilities in government institutions and as a result, the project is delayed for the execution, and other topics such as procurement and launch of the predecessor to the issuance of visas for consultants and companies, and there are some projects that approved long ago and so far there is no exchange, and exchange existing few where there is a project has been approved in 2005 and eight years ago was not spent but only 19%, that the life span of the project from five to seven years was a must see 99 % as complete and there are also some other reasons is that some people in the decision-making centers are afraid the decision to sign some documents because system Berkratih or hesitation and fear of future error if you make this decision.

* What is the message that you would like addressed to the Iraqi people and the Iraqi government? – My message is that Iraq has a tremendous opportunity for the development of this country for generations to come, Iraq Burke financial wonderful natural resources and unfortunately these wasted resources at the expense of future generations. Unfortunately no methods are available for the Iraqi people to stand up and installed a good education nor electricity nor clean water and do not allow the private sector to grow, “Iraqis must be active more in demand this of their government and society that ought to move and demanded the government and there are reports of unfortunate UNICEF recently is that every hundred Iraqi children are between 1-5 children will become leaders prospective all because of lack of food, education appropriate and should be building this country based on those resources magnificent where should be used by the government wisely where can the Iraqi to enjoy the services and the level of living even if the average level. “