Former candidate for the presidency of America may become secretary of defense

Former candidate for the presidency of America may become secretary of defense


Palm – U.S. officials announced that President Barack Obama is thinking of choosing Sen. “John Kerry” for the position of defense minister.

The newspaper “Washington Post” that Obama is looking carefully in the selection of Kerry, who was the Democratic Party candidate for the U.S. presidential elections in 2004, to be secretary of defense.

They noted that although Kerry, who helped U.S. President in preparation for the debates with his Republican rival Mitt Romney, long expressed interest in the Foreign Ministry, which is likely to be this time the share of the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice.

It pointed out that Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan may be the President of the Central Intelligence Agency, “CIA” next, but in the event chose to leave the government has maintained Agency Director Acting Michael Morrell in this position, who resigned from the recent David Petraeus after approval of having a relationship outside of marriage .

And said that if Kerry replaces Leon Panetta at the Defense Ministry, the option is located on the Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter or his agent and the former Ministry of Defense Michele Flournoy.

The newspaper pointed out that both the adviser to U.S. Vice President for National Security Affairs, Anthony Blinken, director of the National Security Council for Relations and Human Rights Samantha Power two candidates to succeed Rice at the United Nations.