Kuwaiti official: Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII is soon


Guessed Council support Kuwaiti-Iraqi relations yesterday that the vote of the United Nations on the liberation of Iraq from Chapter VII early next year through an Iraqi request – Kuwaiti, and stressed that Kuwait informed the International Foundation in collaboration Iraq fully in this area, noting that the Kuwaiti Prime Minister will sign a protocol final in this regard when visiting Baghdad early next month, while MPs expressed their welcome exit Iraq from international sanctions, stressing that the debt need to be approved by the National Assembly to repeal or reduction.

The head of the Council Hamoud Al-Khalidi in an interview (range Press), “The first month of the year (2013) will see an end to all outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait,” noting that “Kuwait has completed its mission and handed United Nations documents full remove Iraq from Chapter VII.”

He guessed Khalidi that the United Nations voted to remove Iraq from Chapter VII “in the month of January next,” and explained that “Kuwait informed the United Nations Iraq’s cooperation fully in revealing the fate of prisoners and missing persons and the National Archives, and this is what was hampering Multi exit Iraq from Chapter VII , “pointing out that” the United Nations Organization has its own modus operandi and would invite to a meeting to consider the request from Kuwait and Iraq. “

Khalidi said that the visit of Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Sabah, will be early next December noting that “this visit would end all outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait, through the signing of the final protocol, which will contribute to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.” He pointed out that “will also be on this trip resolve files environmental problems and shelf and problems of compensation to Iraqi farmers”, and stressed that his government “will not take the opinion of Kuwaiti opposition and objection to this matter, explaining saying” opinion opposition is not effective in the foreign policy of the country. “

For his part, Kuwaiti MP former Saleh Ashour in an interview (long-Presse) The “Multi Kuwaiti debt owed by Iraq needs parliamentary approval Kuwaiti them, being given to Iraq by the Kuwaiti parliament, and as long as had been issued by law by Parliament are not abolished except by law also issued by him. “

Supports Ashour the view of the Khalidi and asserts that “agreements between Iraq and Kuwait relating to the provisions of Chapter VII does not require the approval of the Kuwaiti Parliament, as international resolutions, issued by the United Nations,” noting at the same time that “Kuwait government, parliament and people welcoming things positive between the two countries and that contribute to lift Iraq from Chapter VII. “