Analysts: Obama’s victory will not change anything .. The Iraqis will be more assertive!!

Analysts: Obama’s victory will not change anything .. The Iraqis will be more assertive

11/08/2012 (23:00 pm)

New York / (CNN)

Political analysts predicted in the Middle East, that the victory of U.S. President Barack Obama a second term, will not change the course of events in the region significantly, but they all agreed on the seriousness of the initiatives that may put Obama’s commitment to the region.
The Chairman of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Mohamed Shaker, that Obama will intensify its efforts to address the Palestinian issue, “and the resumption of talks to reinvigorate the peace process.” Shaker ruled that Obama is pushing for military intervention to find a solution to the Syrian situation in light of Russia’s position, and confirmed that he will continue to search for a “diplomatic solution to stop the bloodshed in Syria.”
In Iran, he noted Shaker that Obama will try to find a “more in-depth diplomatic solutions to prevent a nuclear arms in the Middle East.”
In the same context he says political analyst and director of the Jerusalem Center for Political Studies in Jordan, Oraib Rantawi: there were “estimates that Obama has ideas have nothing to do with resolving the Palestinian issue politically and negotiating.”
Rantawi stressed that Jordan “as long as political welcomed the deal with the Democratic and Republican presidents to find a solution to the Palestinian crisis.” As for the Arab Spring, confirmed a political science professor at Emirates University, Dr. Abd al-Khaliq Abd Allah that Obama will continue the same approach in the “support the process of democratization in the Middle East and its support during his presidency for the next four years.” Abdullah singled Syrian issue, pointing out that he “has become in the last ten minutes,” and that “the decisive battle in Damascus approached.” He added: “The United States of America, under the second administration of Obama, will have a crucial role in the post-Assad,” expected to start booting to this stage in the meetings held in the Qatari capital, Doha. He predicted Abdullah three scenarios for Obama took the Iranian issue, including the continuation of economic sanctions and tighter sanctions on Tehran, or that there is “an agreement between Washington and Tehran to reach a solution to the crisis of Iran,” warning that Obama “has a political willingness and psychological to calm the situation, which may be the culmination of his presidency. ” In Iraq sees the leaders in the National Alliance to Obama in his second term will be more robust in dealing with the Iraqi file and leaders Alliance expects him policies more intrusive on the subject of internal differences between Maliki on the one hand and the Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani and Prime coalition in Iraq, Iyad Allawi, on the other hand , unlike the previous four years distanced from any interference in these differences and avoid putting pressure on the Prime Minister, because he embraced the idea that the Iraqis to resolve their differences themselves.
The MP said the Iraqi Ahmed al-Alwani said there are signs of a team of President Obama that U.S. attention Iraqi file double for two reasons first: The mounting unit internal disagreements threatening disintegration of the political process sponsored by the United States since 2003, if the Maliki its policies confrontational and militant with its partners, and the second regard to the developments files Syrian and Iranian nuclear, and these developments have made Iraq which mediates these two station geopolitical vital to any international moves to deal with these files Caúkin, adding that Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on the Iraqi file will work in the second term to revive the role of the U.S. forces in Iraq and weaken Iran’s influence in the region, and therefore will not continue the former U.S. position on the case to leave the Iraqi arena is open to Activity Iranian leaders.
In a related development, said a leading role in the Kurdistan Democratic Party that President Obama will not allow the owners to destroy the democratic political process in Iraq and that a new phase of dealing will appear in the coming months of his second term, stressing that the U.S. pressure will increase on the Prime Minister to do radical reforms and respect for the partnership in the government .