Kuwait decided to release nine Iraqi prisoners, including the assassination of Bush, the father of the accused

(Voice of Iraq)

Sumerian News / Baghdad confirmed the Iraqi embassy in Kuwait, on Saturday, the Kuwaiti government ordered the release of nine Iraqi prisoners, including the accused assassination of former U.S. President George HW Bush in 1993, stressing that it was m + a papers to return them to Iraq. said Ambassador Mohammed Hussein Mohammed Bahr Science in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “The Emir of Kuwait Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah is on the occasion of National Day last for his country, an amnesty for nine Iraqi prisoners in Kuwait,” noting that “among those detainees accused Raad al-Asadi, sent by the previous regime for the assassination of U.S. President former George HW Bush during his visit in 1993. ” The Sea of Sciences that “the Iraqi embassy relay now leaves those released to return them to Iraq.” The Kuwaiti authorities arrested in 1993, 16 people, mostly Iraqis on charges of attempted assassination of U.S. President George HW Bush car bomb during his visit to Kuwait after the end of his term, which condemned the Kuwaiti court most of those arrested and sentenced to a number of them to death and others to prison. and accused the United States at the time, the Iraqi intelligence of masterminding the assassination plan, prompting former President Bill Clinton to launch 23 rockets passing on the headquarters of these devices in Baghdad. The Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives announced, September 21, 2011, that the Kuwaiti authorities released nine Iraqi prisoners, while noting that one of the detainees released detained for legal reasons, confirmed the follow-up of files on prisoners of former Iraqi in Kuwait and soccer player Iraqi detainees in Bahrain.It is noteworthy that the Commission on Human Rights of the Council of Representatives announced on 25 March 2011, for the presence of some four thousand Iraqi detainees in the prisons of Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, describing the file of the detainees out of Iraq as “sensitive,” while demanding judicial authorities put a real mechanism to resolve the cases of detainees as soon as possible.