Kuwait: start marking the border with Iraq this week

Kuwait: start marking the border with Iraq this week

The time on Wednesday,  November 07 2012 16:57

Kuwait / Orr News

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid said Iraq would end its financial obligations towards Kuwait during the two years, revealed that the end of this week will see the start marking the border between the two countries.

Khalid said that “Iraqi relations – Kuwaiti booming and unprecedented development and will culminate with the visit of Prime Minister of Kuwait to Baghdad next month to sign agreements and joint working protocols and discuss the remainder of the files to be settled.” And Adalv that “the issue of compensation will end in two years or two and a half years at the latest,” he said.

Immortal revealed “a UN team in Iraq after his visit to Kuwait recently, and this team will end this week, marking the border starting from the first mark after the commitment of the two countries to pay the amount of money needed to implement this project.”