HOLY CRAP!!! Instigate wars, the U.S. administration to save its economy from collapse

Friday, 16 March 2012

Agencies – Serbian political analyst said that the White House is planning to ignite the flames of war and conflict in various countries in order to save America from economic collapse.

He explained that Micha Jیovیnovیch U.S. debt more than 4 times the annual budget for the country confirms the collapse of its economy.

He said: “The experiments confirm that the leaders of the White House whenever they had been approaching the stage of the U.S. economy from collapse, they… resort to arms in order to save their economy from bankruptcy through exported to other countries.

He Jیovیnovیch to deceive the public opinion in America over the allegations of the establishment of democracy in various regions of the world, stressing that democracy is the American way have done nothing but increase in the number of victims in the world and remember Alhیtlera phase system during World War II.

He added: “The American government killed millions in the world with the support of the Zionist lobby and under the cover of the United Nations and practiced deception, under the pretext of establishing peace and help people and are interfering in the internal affairs of countries in the world and put obstacles in the way of progress.” Q, Q