Ministry of Agriculture with the World Bank are looking ways of joint cooperation

Saturday 17 March 2012

Agencies – Minister of Agriculture Izz al-Din Abdullah, the state with the World Bank representative in Baghdad, and Mary Helen Bernkl Nayef Mustapha Talal communications coordinator at the World Bank means of mutual cooperation, and discuss the mechanism of the World Bank support to the agricultural sector in Iraq.

He said we want the state in cooperation with the World Bank, because it is the institutions that we respect, and were present for any cooperation with the World Bank.

He added that the Ministry of Agriculture welcomes cooperation with the World Bank, in the interests of the Iraqi people and the agricultural sector and the Bank of recoil, extensive relationships in the world, and has Amkaneatuchbrat sophisticated technology.

For his part, said Bernkl The aim of the visit is to Bgesaltaaon joint support and funding of agricultural projects in Iraq, and continued that the bank is working on a comprehensive review of the agricultural sector, and how to direct public investment to areas and identify problems, and will give the bank estimates the theory about the state of agriculture in Iraq.

She added that the World Bank wants to provide services, agricultural research and irrigation studies and technology transfer to Iraq, where we prepared within the World Bank support to cover these aspects.

She explained that the bank will send a comprehensive study on the agricultural sector and will supply Vrivmn Ministry of Agriculture to cooperate with the Bank