Economist: delete the zeros will lead to re-structure and currency composition

Mosul – Walid money is brought to the Centre of Regional Studies at the University of Mosul during a panel discussion on the future light of the national currency of Iraq and its role in the development of the Iraqi economy. And saw a researcher at the School of Management and Economics at the University of Mosul, Dr Hashim Aercop that the process of changing the currency can achieve goals positive, considering it an important step to reform the monetary and reform the system of currency management, and enhance the confidence of the citizen and investor in the national economy, especially with the continued effectiveness of monetary policy, as well as their potential in end the phenomenon of dollarization in the daily dealings, and the introduction of modern techniques in daily transactions. 
However, the researcher explained in exchange for the possibility that the realized adverse effects in the process of lifting the zeros of the failure to achieve the desired results from the change of control of inflation, as it may increase inflation rates greater than the rates natural, especially with the increase in government spending across Moisnath large. He Aercop that talk about money and changes receives attention in the past, present and future because there is no currency exchange in everyday life but the money was synonymous with her, describing the money as the invention of the social because it is linked to the needs of human and developments. explained Aercop that the concept of lifting the zeros or the deletion of zeros is a term that refers to actions that would improve the situation of the national currency by removing or deleting zeros or numbers of the old currency, confirming the presence of benefits expected to raise the zeros of these benefits as a justification for the monetary authority (banks Central) in the control of the trends in the money supply through a performance career in the management of liquidity, and they achieve the goal of Mali is the stability of the value of the currency and the absorption of the surplus, and they are necessary to keep pace with economic changes and economic reform policies. and the number of Aercop set of conditions and factors, which aims to make the process of positive impact and contribute to promoting and sustaining economic stability, including the need for a clear economic policy and specific objectives and tasks, and the optimal use of economic resources (human and material) available and the steps of scientific diversity of the economy through the regular update of the agricultural sector, and provides cash reserves the right of foreign currency convertible, and that the foreign debt at acceptable levels and does not constitute a burden on the economy, and completion of legal and administrative legislation that are related to the process. 
Aercop and spoke about the need to reform the system of payments through cash benefits at both the horizontal and vertical. At the horizontal level, the deletion of the three leading zeros to convert 30 trillion dinars to 30 billion dinars by deleting three zeros from the currency and replace the current in order to facilitate the process of dealing arithmetic. On the vertical plane, the deletion of zeros would lead to the restructuring of the currency and installed. He Aercop that the process of changing the currency achieved benefits is to promote confidence with one of the symbols of national sovereignty of the country, and promote confidence in the national currency of the citizen, and to facilitate the process of trade within the country, and re-use of coins cash. and eating Aercop justification for the deletion of zeros.