Separate Iran from the international banking system

Procedure is part of efforts to tighten international sanctions

Tehran – BBC 
in a new step aimed at strengthening sanctions against Iran to force it to abandon its nuclear ambitions, announced Foundation Swift, which manages money transfers between international banks that it would isolate Iranian banks for its system. said Lazaro Campos , CEO of Swift, that “the separation of banks (for the system) to hold an extraordinary and unprecedented for the Swift, which is a direct result of the international efforts to tighten financial sanctions on Iran.” Such a move to isolate Iran financially, and the impossibility of the flow of funds from the country and out through official banking channels. will affect this decision negatively on the oil sector, Iran, and will have negative consequences on the Iranians living abroad who transfer money to their relatives in Iran. The move comes following the decision taken by the EU to tighten sanctions on Iran over its nuclear. Accuse the Israelis and the Americans and the Europeans the Iranians of seeking to develop nuclear weapons, a charge denied by the Iranians who insist that their nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. 
Iran had agreed last week to resume six-party talks on its nuclear program, but does not know yet where and when to resume these negotiations. coincides Swift announced with reports that the currency conversion offices in the United Arab Emirates decided to stop the Iranian Rial to deal in recent weeks, undermined the ability of Iran to obtain hard currency.