National Development Plan (2013-2017) will be completed within two months

BAGHDAD – babysit – predicted by the Ministry of Planning National Development Plan is completed (2013 2017) during the next two months, confirming that the launch will take a long time.

Said Undersecretary Chairman of the Technical Committee for the completion of the national development plan, Dr. Sami when in a press statement: It is expected to be completed during the plan document of December of this year or January of next year, adding that the process of the launch will take months after ratification.

And on the size of the investment ability of the plan, said Matthew: lack of a final, warning that estimate the size of the investment will be ready during the conference which will be held in the middle of this month to discuss the draft chapters of the National Development Plan in detail.

And included the former National Development Plan period from 2010 2014 axes has not received attention in previous plans as a theme the spatial dimension of development and distribution of the fruits of development fair and equitable to the whole of Iraq in accordance with the level of deprivation and the need for services.

Calling for the use of environmentally friendly technologies and to address cumulative environmental impacts of previous decades as concerned with aspects of social and humanitarian were not of precedence in previous plans, Kalahtmam categories fragile and poverty and the need to reduce it and the subject of institutional reform, as well as the provision of accommodation