Arbil.. Haji Mehdi: next week, President Talabani, back to Baghdad .. The National Conference is subject to its agenda

On: Saturday 03/17/2012 9:46

Arbil (news) .. MP for / Kurdistan Alliance bloc / Mehdi Haji Isa that President Jalal Talabani will return to Baghdad next week, noting that the National Conference will be held until after the summit that was attended by President Talabani, to Baghdad. 
Issa said in a statement ( Agency news) on Saturday: The President Talabani will return to Baghdad, the first day of next week, to begin consultations and preparations for the Arab summit, and political issues of the Interior. 
He added that the Preparatory Committee of the National Congress did not finish the preparation of the agenda of the conference so it will be postponed until after the Arab summit . 
The MP from Kurdistan Alliance bloc to: The return of Talabani, to Baghdad or not did not affect the national conference was held because the contract is subject to the completion of the Preparatory Committee for the agenda and reach preliminary agreements so that the leaders of political blocs to reach a final resolution that satisfies all parties, and graduated from the political process of crisis the current. 
He was President Jalal Talabani said he would return to Baghdad at the earliest opportunity to continue to work together and manage the country’s affairs. 
said a presidential statement received by the Agency (news): The Prime Minister through to contact his happiness return of the President to the home and the success of medical examinations, wishing the head of health and wellness. 
and President Talabani thanked the Prime Minister on this call and assured him of his health, saying: that he would return to the capital Baghdad at the earliest opportunity to continue to work together in the political process, democracy and the country’s affairs. / End / 24. for.