Reject F16 aircraft if they contain wiretap

Tut: reject aircraft f16 if they contain wiretap

Saturday November 3, 2012

BAGHDAD – babysit – A member of the security and defense committee MP Escand and Tut that his committee categorically rejects the purchase of aircraft f16 if the wiretap you transfer information to the Zionist entity.
Tut said in a statement, “public radio” will of the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary meet those responsible for these aircraft and take them quick answers in this regard to stand on the truth of the matter and force the manufacturer to answer instant. ”

And news that talked about the aircraft f16 will not equipped with weapons added Tut “can not be held unmanned weapons and اشترطنا on the manufacturer to provide Iraq with missiles developed in a deal planes and otherwise stillness of Iraq other options to purchase aircraft from other countries.”

The sources said the presence of listening devices in the aircraft f16 contracted by Iraq with the United States to register before you and send information to the Zionist entity … p / i