Governor of Baghdad: the country’s economic growth is increasing every year (8%)

Baghdad (news) .. The Governor of Baghdad Salah Abdul Razzaq, that the country is witnessing an evolution of great economic terms of oil production and the stability of the dinar exchange rate against the dollar, which lasted for five years, indicating that the rate of economic growth of the country is increasing annually by (8%).

said Abdul Razak (News Agency News): There are indications that Iraq is undergoing evolution economic including increased oil production, which is now the second largest oil producers in OPEC after Saudi Arabia, which produces far more than (3) million barrels of oil will rise to more than (6) million during the past next five years.

added: that the stability of the dinar against the U.S. dollar, which continued for five years after the dinar was deteriorating either international currencies difficult, pointing to the issuance of international reports confirm that the rate of economic growth in the country has (8%) per annum.

and how Rehabilitation Baghdad International Fair said Governor: There are efforts being made by the province of Baghdad and in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce for the rehabilitation of buildings and halls Baghdad International Fair shortly, where he was the division of labor to three meals per day have been employed more than (1500) factor of engineers, technicians and craftsmen and workers from different disciplines, so conservative reaches the completion of rehabilitation according to a specific standard has not been achieved again in all of Iraq’s provinces