Baghdad: Iraq has great economic mobility and open and an expansion in the volume of trade with the world

Baghdad (newsletter) …Amin said Baghdad Abdel Hussein Al-murshidi, Baghdad has sought hard to benefit from mechanisms and available products and equipment in the Baghdad international exhibition to promote and enhance the level of services in Baghdad. “The Directorate of public relations of almarshadi saying guidance issued to owners in Baghdad municipality and the Directors-General to visit pavilions and companies participating in the exhibition and see the latest machinery, equipment and technologies involved in the work of the Secretariat in order to benefit from upgraded municipal Chambers and reality a faith and provide better services to the people of Baghdad.

He added that Baghdad was making great efforts to provide services to about 7 million residents of Baghdad city which requires the adoption of modern techniques and mechanisms to meet the growing demand for services of various kinds, especially with the large increase in population.

Murshidi said: analamanh will try as much as possible benefit from existing products in the Baghdad international fair in the thirty-ninth session, particularly those relating to hygiene and agriculture sectors, roads and other service sectors. Murshidi said: the Baghdad international fair in its current session an important opportunity to open channels of communication between Iraqi firms and their counterparts from around the world, as well as to enable ministries and State institutions have access to the equipment and machinery needed to implement projects reconstruction.

And almarshadi: that Iraq today is dynamic and open great economic expansion in the volume of trade with the world and an increase in cooperation frameworks with regional and international milieus, that suits the new orientations of Iraq seeks to build international ties when certain MP3 faith on the basis of common interests.

Murshidi said that Iraq possessed legally for investment is the best in the region, can help greatly in creating a fertile environment for Arabic and global companies work and the implementation of projects in various sectors, especially after the great stability and improvement in the security situation in Baghdad and across the cities and counties Iraq