U.S. ambassador: the United States is to establish a strong presence in Iraq

U.S. ambassador: the United States is to establish a strong presence in Iraq

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 02, 2 / NOVEMBER 2012 08:22

Twilight News / announced the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, Stephen Beecroft, Friday, post 35 امريكة organizations in the Baghdad International Fair, while pointing out that America is in the process of establishing the existence of a “strong” in Iraq.

The ambassador said Stephen Beecroft in a statement issued by the embassy on Friday received ” Twilight News “copy during opening wing U.S. Baghdad International Fair edition of 39, that” the pavilion United States in the Baghdad International Fair represents 35 organizations American, including 24 commercial company and 7 universities and 3 organizations commercial agency of the U.S. government. ”

Beecroft explained that “the angel who is in the U.S. wing bilingual speaks for welcoming visitors and facilitate the process of their contact with companies and universities relevant addition to the allocation of space for meetings of the representatives of the companies.”

Beecroft said that “many U.S. companies confirmed through its presence on the importance of the potential of the Iraqi market is in the process of establishing a strong presence in Iraq.”

He said the U.S. ambassador that “the goods and services provided by U.S. companies helping Iraq to rebuild its infrastructure and its industrial sector and contribute to the welfare of the Iraqi people.”

Beecroft noted that “U.S. companies are able to provide the latest global technologies and management systems and commercial activities, and the promotion of social responsibility that lies with the companies.”

Beecroft called the need to expand U.S. trade relations – Iraq, noting that “both countries are committed to building economic partnership would strengthen bilateral relations as provided for in the joint strategic framework agreement.”

And opened the Iraqi Ministry of Trade, on Thursday, the Baghdad International Fair 39th edition with the participation of 20 countries and the presence of 1,500 Arab and international companies.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki may count, on Thursday, the first Iraq investment opportunity in the region, called on foreign companies to take advantage of that opportunity.

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