Report: Bin Laden asked “Al Qaeda” Obama assassination

17/03/2012 13:44

Beirut, March 17 / March 2012 (AKnews) – The newspaper “and Ashenntn Post” American al Qaeda leader former Osama bin Laden, the face of clear orders for the organization in order to form the special cells in both Afghanistan and Pakistan for the assassination attempt on President Barack Obama and Gen. David Petraeus who was driving the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  According to documents found in the building, which was the residence of the bin Laden before his death in 2011, bin Laden told his followers that “the reason to focus on them is that Obama’s head of the infidels and to kill him will make Vice President Joe Biden automatically takes power place, while he is not ready for this position which will create a crisis in the United States, while the matter in relation to the Petraeus was man of the hour .. and killed him will change the course of the war in Afghanistan. ” The author of the report in the “Washington Post” David Aagnacios that these orders were received in a document found at the home of bin Laden was killed in the May 2, 2011, and that a senior official in the administration informed him of it, although it was classified, and will post them soon-text Arabic. showed documents that the person who wanted him to bin Laden that carried out these attacks is a Pakistani Ilyas Kashmiri, where bin Laden wrote to his assistant Abdul Rahman Al-Attiya, “Please ask the brother Ilyas Kashmiri informs me that the steps taken for this work.” The newspaper said that the Kashmiri was killed in an air raid a month after the assassination of bin Laden.    also showed other documents that the biggest concern bin Laden was a picture of al Qaeda among Muslims in the media. The documents showed that bin Laden was dissatisfied elements of the “Al Qaeda” in Iraq and in other areas, because they have committed “errors” and “ill-accounts” where they killed a lot of Muslims, even in the mosques, and asked Abdel Rahman to warn all the “emir” or leader of a local to work in order to avoid the drop, “civilian casualties unnecessary” harm the organization.  and Bin Laden said that “the commission of such errors is not a simple question,” stressing that shedding the blood of Muslims is the deviation from the “path of jihad.” He wrote that the organization’s leaders should “apologize and held accountable for what happened.” from: Khalil Khalil, RN peace Baghdadi