U.S: we invested a lot in Iraq, and we want our investment to succeed for Iraq to be

U.S. ambassador in Baghdad: we invested a lot in Iraq, and we want our investment to succeed for Iraq to be a democratic country and a leader in the region

Published 31/10/2012 08:33 AM

BAGHDAD – “arenas of liberation”
said the U.S. ambassador in Baghdad, said his country attaches its relations with Iraq “paramount importance” to be “a leader in the region”, while among his country’s respect for Iraq’s sovereignty and freedom to buy weapons from anywhere, stressed the seriousness extradition aircraft F16 which contracted by.
said Ambassador Robert Stephen Beecroft, in a roundtable held on Tuesday the embassy building in central Baghdad, is the first to meet with media has with the media operating in Iraq, since his appointment his position on the tenth of September 2012 the past, that the United States “gives relations with Iraq the utmost importance. ”

Zebari future Beecroft

He added Beecroft, “America has invested a lot in Iraq over the past years and want to invest this to succeed for Iraq to be a democratic country and a leader in the region,” and expressed the hope that “playing Iraq constructive role in the region and beyond, especially after the positive steps made by in this direction, such as host Arab summit and the summit of five plus one on the Iranian nuclear file. ”
and vowed ambassador, that “continue his interaction with Iraq in several areas and the widest possible for the benefit of both countries and peoples,” he continued “America cooperate with Iraq in the field of security by providing equipment contribute to enhancing the capabilities of its forces and develop. ”
and digress Beecroft, that his government “encourages American companies specialized in the field of energy to be the primary actor in Iraq to help him overcome the crisis in this area,” Carter said his government “interacting with Iraq in many other areas economic and political, diplomatic and others under the strategic framework agreement signed between the two countries. ”
He went the U.S. ambassador in Baghdad, saying that there is a “joint committees to activate the agreement between the two countries held six meetings so far,” pointing out that these committees “will be held five other meetings to discuss which issues multiple such as security, energy and justice issues, diplomatic and political. ” The Beecroft, said his country “fully aware of the fact that Iraq is an independent, sovereign and deal with it on that basis,” noting that the United States has “security relationship with excellent Iraq, especially through the arms sales in foreign FMS, which includes sale of weapons to Iraq as well as training equipment to develop its security. ”
said Ambassador, that this relationship “managed by the embassy and in particular by the Office of Security Cooperation, which includes a small number of military trainers and administrators who will be Tkulaism more,” pointing out that the number “is no different from what exists in the U.S. embassies other countries. ”
In response to a question about the reason for the delay arming Iraq, forcing him to resort to Russian weapons, and frequent visits by American officials to Iraq?
said U.S. Ambassador Robert Stephen Beecroft, said his country “respects the sovereignty of Iraq and respect his choices to buy weapons from any country wants,” adding that his country “feel that their relationship strong with Iraq in this field and there is no threatened in any way,” as he put it.
The ambassador, said his country “is serious work to deliver Iraq aircraft F16 contracted by as soon as possible,” noting that Deputy Secretary of Defense American “met with the Minister of Defense Iraqi Acting Prime Minister and other Iraqi officials and the points basically discussed delivery of the aircraft that are being built now because it is not an issue buy a car to accomplish quickly,” he says.
increased Ambassador Robert Stephen Beecroft, that his government is “working with the government Iraqi to make sure the infrastructure and air bases and put these rules in order to ensure the safety of the existence of these aircraft as well as training of pilots and maintenance staff to take care of them after receiving the only Iraq-sufficient in this regard. ”
and on the increasing U.S. officials to Iraq over the past months, the ambassador said, that these visits ” important to sustain and strengthen mutual relations “, noting that they are all” discussed the Syrian situation with Iraqi officials “, without giving further details.