United States: to resolve the file security ministries for everyone, not a single party

The United States, Wednesday, that the issue of delay in resolving file security ministries in Iraq for everyone, not one party prevents progress in the resolution.

And considered that the situation in the complex process of democratic development, called Iraqi politicians and parties to sit down together to solve problems and make compromises when necessary.

He said the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, Stephen Beecroft in an interview with a number of media, said that “dealing with the issue of the security ministries should be through the Iraqis and this thing we say to all those who meet with them,” adding that “there are many opinions multiple in this area which is not subject to one party prevents progress . “

Beecroft said that “the United States is working permanently in a lot of issues with all Iraqi parties to resolve the political problems,” noting that his country “offers assistance as possible to the Iraqis can solve these problems by themselves.”

He said the U.S. ambassador in Iraq that “the situation is complicated in the process of democratic development where there are different parties and different political hold different ideas,” asserting that “democracies are not simple systems, but complex and people do not always agree.”

Beecroft said that “the United States to deal with Iraq in all fields and use its influence for the better,” calling “political parties and parties to sit down together to resolve problems and compromise when necessary to advance the agenda of work in Iraq.”

He stressed the U.S. ambassador in Iraq, the need for “Everyone finds ways to solve problems through concessions or compatibility so the system works as effectively as possible.”

The State of Law coalition led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said, in a (29 August 2012), that the National Alliance agreed on the candidate for the post of interior minister and will be presented during the next week, noting that the candidate would be independent personalities, without revealing his name.

He said the coalition of state law, ( August 19, 2012), to reach a consensus on the ministers of security needs the agreement of the political Blocs, also pointed out that there is a committee working to select the ministers of security.

The number of ministries voted on by the House of Representatives when forming the government on 21 December 2010 amounted to 38 Ministry including the ministries managed by proxy by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, namely the Ministry of Interior and Defense, which is managed by Saadoun Dulaimi proxy and national security that has been converted to Chancellery after while reducing ministries.