Economic committee plans to hold an international conference for the advancement of the Iraqi economy

Committee revealed the economy and investment parliamentary intention to convene an international conference to promote the economic reality of Iraq so that she can cope with the global economic booms and a study prepared by the Commission in this area.

Committee Chairman Ahmed al-Alwani told the “integrity of electronic” that the Iraqi economy according to the current constitution is a market economy and has commitments and mechanisms so that within this context.

The Alwani: since 2003 and to this day is not clear identity and shape of our economy muddled decisions and laws that took place after the change is a reaction not built on the foundations of scientific or objective.

Alwani Economic Conference will be held during the coming period to develop a form of the Iraqi economy because we want there to be a strong Iraqi economy is not an economy based largely on oil without that there will be resources other than oil as possible exploitation of the public budget.

He Alwani there is an urgent need to effort and large national and concerted national efforts so that we can build an Iraqi economy strong can deal with the country’s imports and bounties Iraq positively and objectively so that meets all requirements of the people and Iraq to be in a state of well-being compensated for years of deprivation experienced by the Iraqi people earlier.