Sources: Maliki seeks to split the Iraqi List, to form a majority government

Sources: Maliki seeks to split the Iraqi List, to form a majority government

30/10/2012 11:35:19

BAGHDAD (Iba) … ended religious holiday without exchange-Maliki and Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani or President Iyad Allawi list «Iraq» congratulatory telegrams, reflecting the depth of the differences and the depth of the crisis and the difficulty of the task by President Jalal Talabani, who ensure preparation of the features of political forces .

Did not contribute to the holiday of Eid al-Adha in resolving the current political crisis in Iraq since late last year, could push the coalition «rule of law» led by al-Maliki to move in attempts to form a majority government policy.

And informed political sources «life» that «Maliki’s coalition reached preliminary agreements with some blocks, each Mndo in the Iraqi List, to form a majority government policy.

The sources revealed that «of these blocks coalition and the unity of Iraq, led by Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha, and some deputies from the provinces of Mosul and Kirkuk, Anbar and Salahuddin», adding that «the blocks that fall in the National Alliance, except the Liberal bloc representing Sadr in parliament, with this endeavor ».

She stressed that «the prime minister« seeks to split the Iraqi List and the year through the involvement of leaders and tribal leaders and former Baathists, as well as the return of all former army officers to the service. It pointed out that «results reached on the Kurdish delegation that visited Baghdad before Eid and asked him to join this government, waving the involvement of the Kurdish opposition. She pointed out that «the delegation asked for time to respond after viewing this topic on leadership of Btalibana and Barzani.

The sources said that «Maliki expressed his willingness to resolve the problems between the region and the center, provided Kurds to join this government.

And hypothesis separation Kurdistan region of Iraq in the event of the formation of a majority government political sources ruled strongly that «resort Barzani to this step for two reasons: first, that the circumstance of regional and international, especially America’s position against secession territory, and secondly, that the rest of the parties and Kurdish groups not in favor of such a move at the moment, pointing out that «such a step would be in the interest of al-Maliki in the coming elections.

It is interesting that the former Minister of Higher Education deputy «Iraqi Abd Dhiab said in a statement issued yesterday that« a majority government representing competitive democracy is the finest form of democracies, which supports the concept of the majority and the minority.

He criticized the Secretary-General for the People’s Movement inside the Al-Iraqiya Ali Alsjeri, the government of the current partnership, saying it «partnership spoils and gains, calling« form a majority government policy.

Furthermore, warned «Iraqi List» «collapse of the political process if the formation of a majority government. The MP said Nabil Hrbo that «the political situation of crisis, there are major differences between the blocks, in addition to political competition for power, in the absence of the implementation of the agreements concluded between the blocks, as well as the development of the region, which requires the fear of continuing crisis. He added that «the time passes quickly, and if necessary the implementation of the Arbil Agreement to solve problems ‘, saying’ delay a national conference to resolve the problems and thwart the efforts of President Jalal Talabani, will lead to the collapse of the political process.