Iraq the most dangerous on the bankrupt investment from Greece

BAGHDAD / JD / .. A report adopted by the views of Executive thousand works in foreign investment that Iraq is more dangerous to invest Greece experiencing the worst financial crisis in the history of Europe.

said the report published by the site (direct): Maybe you feel the world market that the worst financial crisis in the history of Europe, he could have gone after three years of difficulties, but they are at the helm of global business did not breathe a sigh of relief after. As noted survey of financial managers published by the Business Consulting World BDO BDO, the European sovereign debt crisis is still the most common problems that occupy their minds to now – but the estimated investment in Syria torn civil war may be more rewarding and less risky than investing in Greece.

The report noted only two are the most dangerous of Greece, which is seeking by all means to convince creditors that they can impose packages austerity, two of Iran and Iraq.

Chief Executive of the Martin Van Rueqil: «Managers Financial in keen increasingly towards southern Europe, they see each equal risk with Middle Eastern countries is balanced politically ».

and classified report, which tracked the opinions thousand executive works in investments external 10 countries dangerous investment, were not Greece the only countries in the euro seventeen that have been mentioned, but occupied Spain’s fourth-largest economy in Europe and the related outstanding with Latin America’s seventh place.

frequency and perhaps financial managers in financial institutions to make decisions to invest in fast-growing economies such as China, Brazil and go to the heavily indebted European countries from the central causes of the financial crisis. While dependent recovery economies in southern Europe to pump private sector investments to reduce the gap caused by the plans austerity imposed by governments to cut spending.

At time when the government of Greece and Spain to convince investors to come to and invest locally, readiness others Stkhrjhm of competition. Although some of the data recently indicated a relative slowdown in China, but they are still the most attractive growth followed by the United States. Did not disassociate European countries of the positive as well, the economy is British and out of the recession highlighted in the list of the ten countries prepared for growth and Germany in Europe. and exclamation Rueqil views managers that did not refer to any fear of the economies of heavily indebted outside the euro zone, such as Japan and the United States, which doubled in size Dean first of its entire economy.

But at the same time, no longer put Japan greatly worrying where the government has been careful not to intimidate investors, most of its debt from local pension funds.

The United States, it has a dollar, one of the most important positives that are starting points. But cash reserve currency also has its problems.

The euro fell from his uncertainty about whether Greece can reach agreement on austerity and the absence of any indication of timing that may require rescue aid which Spain.

It is expected to remain the single currency weak against the dollar and the yen as investors prefer currencies that are considered safe and also because of renewed concerns of weak corporate profits large in the region. need Greece approaching bankruptcy for a comprehensive agreement on a package of austerity to get the next tranche of aid before you run out money by mid-November (November).

And international lenders refused to make further concessions on amendments to labor laws rejected by the junior partner in the coalition government, which prolonged the dispute on a package of reforms and the impact on the euro. The euro fell 4. 0% to 2895. $ 1 to near its lowest level in two weeks of 2882. $ 1.

The euro reached 65.102 yen, down 5.0% and did not come down much from the highest level in six months 59.104 yen registered on October 23 (October). Request will allow Spain to rescue aid for the European Central Bank (ECB) to buy the country’s bonds. Traders ruled that confidence will improve towards the euro unless Spain requests assistance.