Tamimi threatening to disclose private financial oversight reports corruption ministries

Magda Tamimi threatening to disclose private financial oversight reports corruption ministries


BAGHDAD / JD / .. threatened a member of the Finance Committee parliamentary deputy for the National Alliance Magda Tamimi disclose audit reports financial files corruption ministries and state institutions.
said Tamimi’s / JD /: I will reveal financial and administrative corruption in all ministries in the case refused to answer reports financial control .
showed Tamimi “I shall be a book official for all concerned to question some suspicious files corruption, and that did not convince me to answer or no answer will reveal it to the public opinion.”
said: It was rather to be revealed all the actors involved corruption and not the central bank only without the other and procedures very tight .
noteworthy that Magda Tamimi a Standing Committee members within the Knesset Finance to monitor and follow up the work’s central bank.
objected placeholders on procedures intense taken cordoned off the central bank by the security forces to implement the arrest warrant against the bank’s employees accused of corruption according to the results of the report prepared by the Committee which was formed from Before the presidency of parliament.
and wished Tamimi that those who have been arrested already corrupt, could not have been among them innocent, and this action will affect the reputations of professional and social.
noted it with justice procedures and the law, but not to promote the media and then issued arrest warrants.
asked Member Parliamentary Finance Committee MP for the Liberal bloc: no action was taken quickly against the central bank did not take with other ministries, what the political motivation of these actions?.
noteworthy that the security forces had cordoned off the building’s central bank yesterday to implement the arrest warrant against 36 employees, accused of corruption.
mentions that the judiciary has issued an arrest warrant for Shabibi Iraqi Central Bank Governor on the background of suspicions of money.
According to the report submitted by the committee overseeing the central bank, which included both of the heads of the two financial, economic and BSA under the supervision of First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Qusay al-Suhail: Investigations proved the existence of sale of foreign currency to banks and corporations themselves and that has smuggled to neighboring countries.
mentioned that the Council of Ministers decided to assign Prime BSA Abdul Basit Turki management position central bank governor and agency, with the issuance of the Judicial Council arrest warrant against former central bank governor and a number of officials in corruption cases.
was a member of the Finance Committee MP Magda Tamimi had described the report issued by the Presidency of the parliament on the Central Bank Palmtsra and unprofessional.
, and explained that the objection is not against a particular person, but have reservations on the measures that should be more professional and confidential because the bank Central institution interested in monetary policy in the country and reference them in this way is hasty action and affect the Iraqi economy and our reputation in the international fora. / end / 11 N /