Agricultural situation worsening dramatically in Iraq

Parliamentary agriculture: agricultural situation worsening dramatically in Iraq

| on 29.10.2012 1:03 p.m.

BAGHDAD / electronic integrity / Farah Asim al-Tai

Confirmed to the Committee on Agriculture and Water and marshes that the Iraqi agricultural reality in a state of underdevelopment to a large degree, compared with agricultural progress in the countries of the world, who lives today agricultural revolution in every sense of the word

Committee Chairman Hamid vegetative newspaper “integrity electronic” we still unfortunately follow the steps of the old and primitive that I left most of the countries through long-term strategic plans to develop its agricultural reality and their livestock.

Vegetative We believe today that we need for sound management of the agricultural sector, including agricultural resources and livestock all this needs to be a new administration with a long-term strategic plans of medium and short term.

The vegetative to convey experiences the world to Iraq to curb and eliminate corruption in state institutions in general, including the agricultural sector and the creation of appropriate legislation for the development of agricultural wealth and private property laws, where we still rely laws started or begun since a long period of time.

He noted vegetative to the need to adopt the experience and recent studies and research and provide adequate staff and attention flags and agricultural extension and development and the establishment of a private satellite in this area.