Iraq to be economic powerhouse in the region during the next ten years

Economic Researcher Iraq is expected to be a major economic force in the region in the coming years

Date: 29/10/2012 13:23:39 Monday

Baghdad (news) .. Likely economic researcher Hussein star, Iraq to be economic powerhouse in the region during the next ten years, calling for diversified sources of revenue of the country.
said the star (of the Agency news): Iraq has all the ingredients of economic through which could be an economic power rooted in the past the next, and specifically during the next ten years, stressing that Iraq needs a strategic plans and organize structural.
pointed to, that many of the economic sectors that could interact through agreements Iraqi and foreign companies to develop the infrastructure, banking and industry, and continued: that Iraq possessed Site strategic in the Middle East and the world with respect to Moaúa or transfer points and has religious tourism, well that oil country. called star to work during the next phase of running development alternatives to find revenues serious of the Iraqi economy and not rely on oil, to be able to transition from rents to Integrative. and between: that the international companies are seen investment Ballet minutes through the study of the Iraqi market and this is what requires the Iraqi government to work on speeding organize controls and legislation attractive to these companies because we need more than 500 to 700 billion dollars for the reconstruction of Iraq. explained economic researcher : that the Iraqi economy and convertible variant has the ability to mobility and interaction, whether formal interaction across the Iraqi ministries and public sector companies or through the contribution of the Iraqi private sector. / end / 21. n. p /