Political agreement to pass a law on oil and energy

Revealed to the oil and energy parliamentary, that political blocs agreed to pass the draft law of oil and gas for the year 2011 made by the government to the House of Representatives, pointing to the mini-committee set up by Parliament worked to make some amendments to this draft according to the political consensus.

The Kurdistan Alliance, expressed optimism Ptousel parties to agree on a draft oil law, stressed that the enactment of the Oil and Energy is an end to the political crisis in which we live a long time ago, revealing that the Kurdish negotiating delegation will return to Baghdad after the holiday to complete the talks with Baghdad.

Article (112) that the federal government will administer oil and gas extracted from current fields with the governments of producing regions and provinces, to be distributed and imports fairly commensurate with the population distribution in all parts of the country, with quota for a specified period for affected regions.

And between Furat al-Shara member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary in an interview for the “long” that there was an agreement in principle between the political blocs on passing the draft law of oil and gas for the year 2011 provided by the Government to Parliament, pointing out that the Committee of Five formed by the House of Representatives earlier worked to dissolve all political differences on the draft of this law.

And decided Presidency of the Council of Representatives, on 13 / last September, forming a small committee to study the points of contention on the law of oil and gas and the development of a new draft of the law, which included both the Oil Minister Abdul Karim defect and his Kurdistan, Ashti Hawrami, representative of the National Alliance Safa net, and the representative of the Kurdistan Alliance Farhad Atrushi, Iraqi and Adnan al-Janabi.

He Shara said that “there are two options put forward in front of the mini-committee for trade-offs between the draft law in 2007 and the law that sent the government in 2011, explaining that the government persuaded the political parties need to adopt the draft in 2011 and working on some modifications and submitted to the Parliament for voting upon” .

He added that “there points controversial about the draft in 2011, including how to configure the Federation Council oil and powers, and the nature of the ownership of the money oil to any destination will be, and give powers to the provinces in the management of the institution oil, and administration, which includes determining the validity of the minister and the company’s oil according to the constitution.”

The Iraqi government announced, on August 28, 2011, for ratification of the draft law of oil and gas, and decided to submit them to Parliament for approval, while announced Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs, Hussein al-Shahristani, on the second of July 2011, the government introduced “some adjustments “the draft oil law, which is long overdue and reviewed by the Committee on Energy Cabinet.

The Commission on oil and energy parliamentary confirmed, on the sixth of September 2011, that the draft law of oil and gas provided by the Government to Parliament, involves “constitutional violation” of confiscated right provinces and territories, indicating that it is possible to amend the bill and enrichment to reach a suitable formula is agreed upon between the blocks political.

For his part, considered the Kurdistan Alliance, said that the enactment of the Oil and Energy is an end to the political crisis experienced by Iraq, calling for the independence of the Presidency of the Council of Federal oil, and the recognition of contracts entered into by the Government of the Territory with Alajnah oil companies. Said Mohammad Qasim Kurdistan Alliance MP in a telephone conversation with “long”, on Wednesday, that the mini-committee which operates a political nature to find a consensus on the draft law of oil and gas, revealing that the Kurdish delegation negotiating to return to Baghdad again after the holiday to complete the talks. ” and went on Mohammed, said “the first visit by the delegation of Kurdistan searchable with Deputy Prime Minister Hussain al-Shahristani issue problems oil between Baghdad and Erbil, and agreed to find a mechanism to get out of this necessary, stressing that resolving the political crisis linked to dissolve the enactment of the oil and gas.”

It is noteworthy that out of the dispute old renewed between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil due to oil contracts concluded by the region and that Baghdad deems illegal, while he says the region they are based on the Iraqi constitution and bilateral agreements with the federal government, and fought a severe crisis between Baghdad and Erbil on the back off the Kurdistan region in the (first in April 2012) pumping oil until further notice because of differences with Baghdad on financial dues to oil companies operating in it.