Ministry of Transport open a special bank account for debts Kuwait


BAGHDAD / obelisk: detection agent and the Iraqi Ministry of Transport, Wednesday, it will pay to the State of Kuwait $ 300 million as a first installment of the debt Iraq Iraqi Airways in the coming days, noting that the ministry has opened a special bank account that debt.

Said Undersecretary banks for “obelisk” “The Ministry of Transport has opened a bank account special debts Kuwait on Iraq in one of the banks the U.S.,” adding that “the ministry stipulated that Kuwait be delivered the first batch of $ 300 million exchange for dropping lawsuits filed on Iraqi Airways to enable the latter to operate correctly. “

explained that “Iraq has asked to be delivered payments coupled with the support of the British courts supported that Kuwait dropped lawsuits explicitly, and points out that Kuwait would not demand any rights not in the United Kingdom and in another court of airlines ethnic. “

was Emir of Kuwait Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah had concluded an agreement with Iraq during his visit to Baghdad in March of 2012, stipulates that pay final amount of $ 500 million to settle the debt on the Iraqi Airways since the invasion of Kuwait in 1990, which prevented Iraqi aircraft flights, where the text of the agreement to pay $ 300 million in cash to Kuwait and $ 200 million for the establishment of a joint airline.