Jaafari assured the US Ambassador to continue efforts to eliminate challenges to the political process

Baghdad (newsletter) …The Iraqi National Alliance President Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, in his Office in Baghdad, with new US Ambassador in Iraq Robert PHP-u.s.a., Wednesday, mutual cooperation between the two countries and the overall situation in Iraq and the region

The statement said Al-Jaafari received (News Agency news) on Wednesday said the meeting saw discussions on the overall developments in the political process in Iraq, and developments in the region and the world, the two sides also discussed prospects for enhancing cooperation between Iraq and Washington.

It added that Al-Jaafari stressed that parties and national political forces were continuing to exert maximum efforts to eliminating the challenges and obstacles in the political process, noting: that Iraqi political experience were counting on a pilot experiment in the region after the transformations that have occurred in the States of the region, explaining: that Iraq sought to establish better relations with the countries of the world based on common interests, and maintain the security, stability and sovereignty of each country, non-interference in its internal affairs.

The statement noted: that the US Ambassador stressed that he would do his best, and works to support Iraq in all fields, and support a democratic experiment in Iraq