Committee of Five will specific Bhetwavqat on oil and gas law

Committee revealed recently formed quintet to agree to the terms of the oil and gas law, Saturday, it will consider specific Bhetwavqat on oil and gas law to submit a draft law from the government as the “most capable of that.”

A member of the Commission and the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs purity of net debt “The draft law of oil and gas is placed by the government, and the Committee of Five which formed the political committee consider Bhetwavqat specific part controls the Constitution and within the possibility of the federal government related to the process of organizing management of oil wealth in the form that corresponds to the oil companies and the oil ministry, “noting that” the government is best placed to put the draft law of oil and gas. “

He Net “The draft law, which is placed allows the use of oil wealth route optimization and regulates the distribution of revenue, production, and transportation of oil, and sell it and deposit imports, and the process of oil exploration, as well as logistical issues and administrative must be consultation between the federal government and the provinces and the region.”

He continued that “managing oil wealth, according to the constitution must be by the federal government which is entrusted with the administration of wealth and well developed and exploited and sold and Otozaa revenues.”

The federal government agreed with the Kurdistan Regional Government last month on the recent resumption of the export of oil by 200 thousand barrels per day to pay government Alathaah cost companies operating in the region.

The agreement to form a committee pentagonal mini includes oil minister in the federal government and the Minister of Natural Resources in the province and a representative of the blocks of the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List and the National Alliance for the agreement on the preparation of the draft law of oil and gas.

The Committee held five meetings have decided in the last which was held this month to assume the Federal Oil Minister and his counterpart in the province held meetings to agree on the technical aspects related to the oil to leave the political aspects to the blocks and leaders to resolve them.