Still too early for launch of 2013-2017 National Development Plan

BAGHDAD – morning revealed that the Ministry of Planning launch of the National Development Plan (2013 2017) still early, is expected to continue for a long time.

said Undersecretary Dr. Sami when the Chairman of the Technical Committee for the preparation of the plan: to talk about the launch of the strategy still early, noting that it is hoped to hold the middle of next month’s special conference to discuss the draft chapters of the plan in detail.

continued that the Conference will be to amend the doors according to plan extensive discussions that will take place in it, and then be submitted to the Cabinet and read and then recognizes as the final. next November will see a conference for three or four days to discuss the national development plan in detail, and will be conducted in the light of the conference final adjustments to the plan.

development plan included previous national period from 2010 2014 axes has not received attention in previous plans as a theme the spatial dimension of development and distribution of the fruits of development fair and equitable to the whole of Iraq in accordance with the level of deprivation and the need for services.