Member of the parliamentary foreign relations: remove Iraq from Chapter VII is still linked to the issue of Kuwait

A member of the parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee Roژ Mahdi to remove Iraq from Chapter VII is still linked to the issue of Kuwait.

He told all of Iraq [where], that “there are obligations in Chapter VII, and most of them linked to our problems with Kuwait, and if you settle the matter between us and the Kuwaiti side will come out of this country heading.”

Mehdi added that “attempts committees formed for the purpose of solving all problems of the seventh item is still ongoing, but so far there are files continuously toward Iraq, and especially the issue of Kuwait.”

He explained that “most of the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the final stage cast toward closing these files and an end to the commitments in the seventh item, but if it does not reassure Kuwait from Iraq’s position will continue to be in this item.”

Mahdi said that “there is a conviction within the Security Council of the need to close the files of Iraq with Kuwait, and confirmation that things have a characteristic dual between the two countries, and must be resolved once and for all.”

Iraq has been under since 1990 under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, which imposed after the invasion of Kuwait in August of the same year.