We do not have proof of the involvement of al­-Shabibi corruption files

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. wondered Parliamentary Integrity Committee for the real reasons behind issuing an arrest warrant against Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan al­ Shabibi, confirmed that the memorandum issued by the Judicial Council and the Commission does not have proof of the involvement of al­Shabibi corruption files

Said committee member Jawad Alshahyla told / Baghdadiya News /, that “issuance of an arrest warrant against the Central Bank Governor Sinan al­ Shabibi at the present time very serious it should be taken away from the media because it will lead to the deterioration of the Iraqi economy as a result “

of pressure from the International Fund and suspended dealings with Iraq The Alshahyla wondered files corruption against which was issued an arrest warrant against the central bank governor, adding that “if there was a corrupted files in the case Shabibi had to be held accountable just like any

“.other officials who have no corrupted files And continued a member of the Integrity Committee that “guarantor guarantees the global aspect to deal with the Iraqi economy will deteriorate, as we expect that the coming period would witness the high price of the dollar against the Iraqi currency as a result of history which is subject the central bank.”