Finance Committee emphasizes the need to meet the deadlines set up and approve the financial budget

stressed the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives on the need to meet deadlines for the preparation and adoption of the general budget of the country to ensure their implementation as required.

A member of the Commission and the National Alliance MP Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri Friday that “no specific timing for the budget law supposed to abide by.”

And saying “he was supposed to reach the budget to the House of Representatives on the tenth of this month, but did not reach now,” adding that “the maximum date for arrival is in November even have the opportunity to study in the relevant committees and special Finance Committee to give feedback.”

He pointed out that “the arrival of the budget early will allow time for discussion thoroughly from all sides in the House of Representatives,” he said, “if completed during the year preceding the year of the budget enforcement and implementation will be in the form required.”

Yasiri demanded the Ministry of Finance to “play its role in this area and to send the budget to the government to study and make the adjustments as it deems appropriate in preparation for being sent to the House of Representatives to be approved in a timely manner.”

It is noteworthy that budgets Federal public takes a long time each year until it is approved by the House of Representatives, which is causing disabling most of the projects, underlining specialists that gives an excuse first companies implementing projects in the disruption or lag, which reflected negatively on the services.