Nuri al-Maliki will be killed, “poisoned” in 2013 the Israeli Mossad plan?!!

Nuri al-Maliki will be killed, “poisoned” in 2013 the Israeli Mossad plan?!!


Palm – mine detection Iraq “Abu Ali Shaibani,” during his daily program provided by the channel Diar “Please Disciplines” in Lebanon for the planned Israeli Mossad to kill al-Maliki was poisoned in 2013.

Abu Ali said Shaibani during his daily program offered by Channel Diar “Drop of Hope” that al-Maliki will die, poisoned at the end of 2013, the process of planned Israeli Mossad in cooperation with some of the leaders of the Iraqi Dialogue bloc led by Saleh al-Mutlaq, Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs, pointing out that poison that be taken up by al-Maliki has the effect topical to the members of the body, it is marked affect on tissues that touching poison for a specified time, and affects members of different body after it is absorbed, where they cause inflammation severe liver quickly stop functions leads to death within a period does not exceed 48 hours.

He added that al-Maliki is the last Prime Minister leads Iraq will not occur elections in 2014, stressing that the Arab countries have seen coups and revolutions and change governments which sign of the emergence of Mahdi Shiites, who believe that he will lead the world and build a state-Mahdi fair and fills the earth with justice and fairness after filling unfairly .