State law: Allawi is no longer “head” of the Iraqi list

State law: Allawi is no longer “head” of the Iraqi list


Palm – The MP said the coalition of state law on Alfalh in a statement Friday that Allawi would lose in the event of failure to attend the national meeting because he is no longer president of the Iraqi list, adding during the last period are dealing with Osama Nujaifi (Speaker) and Saleh al-Mutlaq (Deputy Prime Minister ) and they say publicly treated us do not you deal with Allawi.

The Iraqi List, which topped the parliamentary elections, two seats for a coalition of state law of the harshest critics of al-Maliki, accusing him of policies on an ongoing basis fudging on the implementation of the agreements, especially with regard to the security ministries and the Council of strategic policies.

And added Alfalh that the National Accord Movement and the Iraqi List, collapsed in the regions of the Middle Euphrates and the south and moved most of its deputies and members to free Iraqi blocs and white.

He said members of the group and list realized that Allawi’s policies and Turkish Saudi hostage scheme is wrong.

He said the case the last calculated it is a grant of Hajj is a new fad that seeks political faction to grant pilgrimage by Saudi Arabia where he was given each deputy number of seats a matter curious, wondering how to vote on the issue of external or vote on prisoners Saudis who accepted the gift were not from the state or through a partisan position?.