Suhail calls on the United Nations to intensify its efforts in order to remove Iraq from Chapter VII

BAGHDAD – babysit – called First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Qusay al-Suhail UN to “intensify its efforts to get Iraq out of Chapter VII after his responsiveness with the international resolutions.

Ban said’s office Suhail media received news agency public opinion a copy of it that “the First Deputy Speaker of the House received a delegation from the UN mission in Iraq {UNAMI} headed by the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Georgi Posten and discussed with him the formation of the Federation Council and the exit from Iraq Chapter VII. “

He added that “during the meeting, review steps of forming the Federation Council, which is the second legislative room in the country were also discussed steps taken by the United Nations to help Iraq out of Chapter VII.”

The statement said that he “stressed the importance of forming the Federation Council to complete the legislative system in the country, noting that the House of Representatives is determined to legislation in the coming period where he completed the first reading of him.”

He said, “Suhail called on the United Nations to intensify its efforts to get Iraq out of Chapter VII as the Iraq responded often with international resolutions and waiting to take him out of the threat of sanctions.”

The statement said that “Boston pointed out that the United Nations strives to work for removing Iraq from Chapter VII pointing at the same time to the future role is important for Iraq for the global economy and it would be an important partner very important for many countries in the world and notably the European Union European.