Economic Analyst: cancel the ration card and compensated amounts of money will raise food prices

Said economic analyst Nizar Royal proposal to cancel the ration card and compensated amounts of money would lead to the lifting of the prices of basic foodstuffs.

Royal said Wednesday that “there is a lack of economic strategy set by the government and the decision to cancel the ration card and to compensate citizens for vocabulary amounts of money leads to a rise in prices of basic foodstuffs.”

The government decision to cancel as the ration card and an official document in the state departments, which citizens have raised concerns that this move will be the beginning of the cancellation of the ration card in full.

The number enrolled in the ration card system more than 34 million people, according to a database and the Ministry of Commerce, which announced earlier that the government was considering canceling the ration card by 2015.

The Reform Commission ration card in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers has studied cancel the ration card after gaining control of the circulation of goods and the supply and demand in the market and reduce the prices of basic foodstuffs such as rice, flour, sugar and cooking oil and baby milk being distributed now within the ration card items.