A great imbalance in the accounting system to the Development Fund for Iraq

A parliamentary committee: a great imbalance in the accounting system to the Development Fund for Iraq

10/17/2012 12:00 am

Established against the backdrop of the disappearance of $ 6.6 billion and attributed the reasons for “corruption and ignorance”
BAGHDAD – morning revealed the parliamentary committee, which holds the audit in disbursements Development Fund of Iraq’s (DFI) since 2004, for Tachireha to malfunction and described as “significant” in the accounting system adopted in Fund. said Committee member Magda Tamimi’s (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network), “The parliamentary committee, headed by MP Ahmad Chalabi, to investigate the disappearance and mismatch accounts in expenses, assets of Iraq’s money, over the past years will finish writing its report a final next week,” , revealing “a great imbalance in the banking system.” was created Development Fund for Iraq (Development’s Vande soon Irak – EDF any) in May 2003, by the Coalition Provisional Authority, has been recognized under UN Security Council Resolution, as mandated by the Iraqi authorities States United management Development Fund for Iraq, after the dissolution of the Coalition Provisional Authority in June 2004, and until December 31, 2007. acknowledged U.S. officials in June of last year, the disappearance of $ 6.6 billion from the fund the reconstruction of Iraq, and the impact of the disappearance of money government has formed an investigative committee , still continue to work along with the formation of the House of Representatives investigative committee also. said Tamimi that “the report point having a great imbalance in the banking system and mechanism of bookkeeping and mechanism installed disbursements and contained to Iraq,” noting that “the imbalance output either out of ignorance based on the system accounting, or experience high order, so that they can find gaps do not allow match in disbursements with drawdowns. ” She Tamimi that “some of the money spent without any legal basis,” asserting that “the recommendations that will come out of the report, you indicate that those who make mistakes without deliberately need to train, and people who deliberately mean and corruption. ”