Wasit signed a contract with a U.S. company to set up a power plant capacity of 164 MW

14/03/2012 19:16

ElectricityWasit, March 14 / March (Rn) – The official Information Service of the Council of Wasit Taha Hassan on Wednesday, that the Council signed a contract with a U.S. company to set up plant for power generation capacity of 164 MW implemented in a payment on credit. He also confirmed that the station will be completed within one hundred days and be can resolve the bulk of the electricity crisis in the province, saw a number of citizens that this contract may not be different from other contracts and memoranda of understanding past and will collide with a lot of obstacles Federation. said Hassan, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that “the provincial council took place in an emergency session held with lights good representative of the company Cutter PLR U.S. to set up plant for power generation in the province of Wasit, and a capacity of 164 MW and the fuel-heavy. ” and added that “the company made ​​a presentation to the Council has been studied carefully before it is discussed in some of the paragraphs until a final version and the signing of contract with the company mentioned that is accomplished by the plant during the hundred days from the date of final approval of the contract, “adding that” the company has pledged its part, the transfer of equipment for the plant by air freight rapid leading to completion in a timely manner. ” and stated that ” Council has approached the Ministry of Oil as a prelude to obtaining their consent on the company is equipped with fuel, whether it got approval, the direct action will be in the next few days, “pointing out that” the establishment of the station will contribute significantly to the improvement of electric power after supplying the local network for Wasit province by 164 MW a good amount will help in reducing the hours of pieces daily. “A number of citizens and professionals to talk about the Monument station to generate electric power “has become a fantasy and will not exceed from being a case of wishful thinking or legitimate aspirations of the local government.” says the journalist Ali al-Quraishi said that “to talk about contracts for power plants has become boring and irrelevant the fact that all those contracts hit the federal government and thus will not be achieved, including something on the ground “. “If it has approvals by the federal government, particularly the ministries of oil and electricity to the presentations made ​​by international companies to the Government and Wasit to create power plants for the Wasit today exporter of electricity to other provinces. “In the view of the citizen Mohsin Ali Abdullah that “what we hear its notes and contracts with international companies, different both with regard to the electricity sector or other sectors, the other is something Mfarha but the realities on the contrary, as being just talk far from reality. ” and pointed out that “the problem is not in the local government but in its powers restricted by the federal government and this is what makes us optimistic for the moment.” It is noteworthy that many foreign companies had submitted bids for the local government in the field of mind power stations , was the signing of contracts and memorandums of understanding with the official collide but all rejected the Ministry of Electricity or the Ministry of oil and therefore did not come from those notes and contracts only what is written on paper. From: Haider al-Azzawi.Open: Abdullah Sabri