Shabibi and CBI allegations compared to a James Bond secret

This “quiet the” described Balbrovissour “knower” money Bdhalaz, faces charges of “noisy” is “knowledgeable,” says apologists. Is money and Dhalisah this time, which puts its files under the eyes of integrity, curiosity Nose insect control cabinets money perplexing their numbers that resemble a forest  can not face without a guide, “honest”, transformed the media leaks Sinan Shabibi like James Bond runaway smuggled .

Issued an arrest warrant for Dr. Shabibi Iraqi Central Bank Governor, independent technocrat who rarely raised question about religious affiliation. And because the money the nation alone, and “homeland in exile”, said some opponents of the government it “ northward chose Ali Baban Kurdish substitute for Shabibi sectarian alienation. But Shabibi Allamzhba “Pacific” preparing for the ordered and prepared, with about (10) of managers and experts in the Central Bank showed their willingness to provide collective resignations in the event of dismissal.

It’s not new that since last April!

Apologists raised slogans “bank independence as a,” and “efficient, scientific and integrity bank governor,” The defendants him and a number of influential people in his bank and they said that it is not about independence bank, but charges confirmed by regulatory bodies such as the Integrity Committee in the Parliament and Supreme Audit and the Integrity Commission . And conservative as any state official accountable in the same way as the other fellow. The charge is basically sell the currency through the bank market and what it involves smuggling and money laundering.

Figures perplexing Amazonian also convey an observer for an economist he: pushed Iraqi banks amount three trillion and 749 billion Iraqi dinars for the fourth month of this year, and four trillion and 634 billion Iraqi dinars to buy dollars in the fifth month, and paid four trillion and 177 billion dinars in the sixth month. Where did you get these banks on these massive amounts of Iraqi dinars to buy dollars, which means that the volume of smuggling money amounted to 500 million dollars a week?

There are some economists suggesting the need to abandon the central bank governor, the “autonomy” contrived, that is, a member of the cabinet reshuffle, the way Alanlkizih but will be chosen within the parliament, because the proper place is not the latter because it includes politicians and not specialists.

Do you publish money laundering laundry, who did not wish to publish Shabibi lavish balconies his bank and his office glaze? Shabibi defenders, who hails from the family of a Mujahideen revolted Sheikh Mohammad Reza Shabibi, they say it’s about refusing lending bank governor executive authority of the Iraqi currency reserves. As advocates for accounting Shabibi say that he is not alone, but with 19 senior staff at the bank and that are not linked any personal target. Neither the victim nor executioner. Just legal action.

A statement issued by the office House Speaker Osama Nujaifi has quoted the latter during his meeting with Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi saying that “the findings of the committee responsible for monitoring the work of the Central Bank and the author of the committees of Economy and Finance parliamentary and president of Supreme Audit, I pointed out that there suspicion of corruption in the sale of the dollar and the insider added to the central bank’s relationship with private banks and banking offices and fake money orders for imports of materials and items with business and industrial blurred auditing mechanisms in money laundering operations the central bank and private banks! “ Spokesman here is from the Iraqi List. And charges of heavy-caliber deserves seismic bang stirred with a bit of political repercussions must accompany any earthquake of any kind. Bounces old alignments attributed to usual Mravatha: accused supporters of Prime Minister Tnazare opposition figures.

First, what this means speaker talk about selling the dollar?

Says one observer: on central bank auction, revealed the Integrity Committee in the House of Representatives for a defect in the withdrawal of the dollar from the central bank, either a member of the Finance Committee MP Haitham al-Jubouri, said that there are “five banks dominate the process output coin operated assisted the Central Bank, being sold to those banks accounted for (60%) of the volume of foreign currency sold in the auction. while there are approximately (53) banks specific certain percentage of the purchase of hard currency from the bank auction. “Some economists and bankers cast بدولهم also: there banks were able to access to billions of dinars and mediated for months without the balance of instruments. Through understandings with the people in the Central Bank. Another example, there bank founded 140 branches without obtaining a license from the Central Bank of Iraq, confirming the safety of installations the new branch, and the safe bunker, and professional management.

Incessant accusations when bankers but also extends to the secretariat of the Council of Ministers, which was said to be secretary on the Keywords tries scalable Governor Central Bank.

However, the accusations of a recent bear numbers are worth noting: smuggle $ 180 billion Iraqi dinars during the past years due to poor control procedures on the movement of funds, and conversion processes external not conducted according to the law, or instructions, and that less than 5% of the transfers are subject legal ways, and that audits for “sample” of $ billion dollars from foreign remittances, showed that ten million dollars, of which only moved brokered documents and fundamentalism, other transfers are without any document!

Between the distance between Baghdad and Tokyo, where Shabibi was attending a conference, issued verdicts arrest. The man said “obelisk” he was ready to come before the Iraqi judiciary. Here were some of the leaks indicate his escape to Japan. But it amounted to some amateur amount of exaggeration to say that he traveled to Switzerland via Turkey and carried with him a secret documents on the way James Bond. And do not forget that the bank governor was accused of a lot of travel.

So do not escape nor evade nor smuggling, as envisage that the banker, who does not use his hands in the count, but the maximum mind in the techniques did not enter into the day in the banking system, which echoes a senior economist he still lagging: “Ôáćä build a healthy economy and you have a system developed banking .. “, repeating that Mehdi al-Hafez in an announcement on a satellite channel programs.