Sources at the Central Bank: Alshabibi retains document signed by Al-Maliki to protect corrupt!

Integrity issued a warrant for the arrest of the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi and sixteen other officials including the Deputy Central Bank Governor Mohammad Saleh appearance.

Al-Shabibi and participates in a global conference in Tokyo, with banking sources revealed that “Sinan Al-Shabibi would submit a letter to the Iraqi judiciary signed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki which prevents corrupt dimensions from the Central Bank after proving their involvement in money laundering”.

While the arrival of parliamentary integrity Commission confirmed a warrant against Central Bank Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi, the Parliamentary Committee overseeing the Central Bank, said that investigators have determined that the sale of foreign currency for banks and specific companies themselves that have been smuggled to neighbouring States, in reference to Iran with economic sanctions.

A parliamentary source said earlier, speaking on condition of anonymity, “Central Bank Governor Prime Minister earlier that the dimensions of the money laundering Department Manager, and Director of the legal service and the Director of bank supervision, economic Director for the operations of financial and administrative corruption and money laundering”, pointing out that these officials belong to the Party of Prime Minister which prompted him to not change them “.

“Al-Shabibi maintains an official letter signed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to stop the expulsion of these corrupt his posts while making sure their involvement with corruption”, adding that Al-Maliki informed the Governor that change or remove anyone from Office is not the prerogative of the Governor of the Central Bank but the prerogative of the Prime Minister.

And that “there are divisions within the parliamentary integrity Commission concerning circulated a note receivable against Al-Shabibi, where some members believed that a political campaign targeting some blocks on competencies while others go to there is suspicion in financial work of the Central Bank and you must know the people involved and hold them accountable.”

The decision came after the Iraqi Parliament rejected integrity of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s decision to independent bodies, including the Central Bank, headed by Prime Minister contrary to the Constitution.

Sources at the Central Bank said the decision came in response to decisions taken by the Central Bank to prevent the smuggling of dollar of Iraq to Iran with sanctions. The sources said that the Central Bank strongly opposed proposals by Maliki leveraged the Iraqi currency reserve of $ 65 billion dollars because it leads to deterioration of the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar.

The sources, who requested anonymity, that the Iraqi currency reserve was completed under the direction of Al-Shabibi continues under the watchful eye of his greedy and corrupt administrations devices used to reach out to public money. CBI rejected actions by an integrity and interference by the Executive with the independence of the Central Bank. Bank officials said that the decision was serious repercussions because of the refusal of the Bank to help the Executive. Meanwhile judicial sources said that the decision was not complete and was taken on the report of the investigation headed by Deputy Parliament Speaker Qusay Suhail and included members of the State of law coalition without the completion of routine investigative procedures as required by the natural actions resulting in the issuance of notes by the integrity Committee report.

Traders warned the market influenced by the value of the Iraqi dinar as more serious cash market in Iraq. Walshbibi is now in Tokyo, Japan, where he will attend a Conference on Iraqi banking and is described as his Deputy for appearance as one of the most important figures in Iraq and have respect for cash and banking circles in Iraq include regulation 16 Central Bank officials, including General Manager and lower degrees.