Approval of the draft Talabani for redrawing the administrative border between the provinces

Ratified the Legal Committee of the House of Representatives at its meeting on Sunday a draft law the administrative border of the provinces by the President Jalal Talabani.

Announced Khalid Shwani President Legal Committee of the House of Representatives told him site Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, it was approved the project majority of the members of the Legal Committee, declaring At the same time, it is scheduled to present the project to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to be in the work program of the meetings of the Council.

The MP Khalid Shwani told on Saturday that the Legal Committee will discuss Sunday a bill administrative boundaries of the provinces, which put the president before period, and that in order to normalize the situation administrative areas deliberately where the Baathist regime defunct to change and distort. Explained Huani: we seek in committee meeting legal, to get the votes needed to raise the bill to the parliament speaker, and a first reading to him.

his part, MP Mohsen al-Sadoun member of the Legal Committee Parliamentary that bill the administrative border of the provinces have been asked for more than six months by the President of the Republic to redraw administrative boundaries of regions deducted from the Kurdistan Region, adding that the Legal Committee when asked procedure to refer this law in the parliament, there will be a vote is important.

between Sadoun that the draft law is a law that will problem of Article 140, which provides one of the paragraphs to identify and re-demarcation of administrative boundaries to what it was before the deduction of districts and sub-districts, noting that the completion of this law in record time will facilitate close is the implementation of Article 140 in the future.

He added Sadoun: We will work in the Legal Committee to vote on the law within the Commission to reach the presidency of the parliament for amendment on the agenda of the House of Representatives. Was President Jalal Talabani has made in 01/11/2011 bill to parliament for the return of demarcation administrative provinces covered Article 140 of the Constitution to return it to what it was before the change in the era of the former regime.