High percentage of lead “life-threatening” in the skies of Iraq to 10-fold

High percentage of lead “life-threatening” in the skies of Iraq to 10-fold

Published 15/10/2012 07:45 AM

Babinaoz – Agencies: A source in the Ministry of the Environment, on Monday, the arrival rate of lead in the skies of Iraq to more than ten times the normal limit allowed, stressing the continuation of the percentage rise the use Ntejah lead improve gasoline Btfawat between provinces.

A source familiar with in an interview with “Twilight News” that “the percentage of lead dust in the skies of Iraq and reached 10 times the normal limit allowable environmentally.” The source explained that “officials in the Ministry of Environment on the flag for which they left lead in the environment because Iraqi experts from the ministry are constantly examining the proportion of material in Iraq.” The source added that “the percentage of lead life-threatening and is continuing to rise because of the continued use of lead in improving the gasoline,” noting that “this percentage varies between the province and the other, but the capital, Baghdad, the most polluted in this article.” The source continued that “this ratio in normal weather Aldharov has up to 20 times the normal limit allowed during storms because it works on move stagnant Lead in soil.”

The source noted that “lead toxic substance which is why in cancer and congenital malformations, congenital and organic rise of outside normal limits permitted internationally poses a threat to human life.” The Ministry of Environment revealed, earlier, for “imposed” on the Oil Ministry to reduce the proportion of lead in gasoline by 10 times, as a result of militancy in granting approvals import bullets, indicating that this led to reduced gasoline efficiency, and reduced the damage to the environment. According to specialists and interested affairs environmental that the oil ministry has for several years to import banned substances globally, healthy and environmentally The material (the fourth Athilat lead) for the purpose of adding them to the motor fuel to improve it, and is import by private sector companies under contracts between the Oil Ministry and private companies, despite the fact that imported materials banned globally under the international treaties and agreements and legally prohibited under the laws of Iraq. And the development of a global report released recently Iraq at the end of countries that are interested environmental performance within the year 2012, and confirms the researchers at the universities of Yale and Columbia in the United States, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum that the Iraqi government will have to face great with environmental degradation, and water management issues, air pollution It does not go down with performance standards, but it is in freefall.