American resentment from Maliki signed arms contracts with Russia and the Czech Republic

Political source: American resentment from Maliki signed arms contracts with Russia and the Czech Republic

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Baghdad / Orr News

Likely a high-level political source that the United States is resentful of Maliki signed arms contracts with Russia arms outside the partnership contracts signed between Baghdad and Washington, known as the ( FMS ).

The source, who requested anonymity, that “Iraq is since 2003 to purchase weapons for the army and police of arms through partnership contracts with the United States, and the only one equipped with weapons to Iraq during the past decade.” He pointed out that “the United States may show its reservation about the openness of Iraq to buy arms from Eastern Europe, especially Russia.”

He pointed out that “Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki was criticized in meetings with U.S. officials reluctance of the United States in arming the Iraqi army, where they often postpone Washington weapons delivery dates specified in the contracts.”

The source said that “the F-16 aircraft deal a good example of this reluctance.” And that “Iraq has signed a contract with Washington for the purchase of 36 aircraft from the F-16 was scheduled to receive the first batch of them in March, but the delivery was postponed to next year because of the reticence political parties, notably the Kurds, on completion of the transaction, which aroused resentment Maliki “.

Al-Maliki said before leaving Baghdad on his way to Russia last week, said that the agreements arming the Iraqi army with the U.S. continuing, and pointed out that the armament contracts to be held with Russia does not mean cancellation of the agreements, but Iraq needs to contracts Links to combat terrorism.

The partnership contracts arms agreement signed between Baghdad and Washington, is a consortium based contracting states prevent international resolutions from importing arms, and these companies buy weapons and submit them to Iraq for his inability to purchase weapons directly result undergoing Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which includes in one of its paragraphs that States that fall under this chapter prevents the import of arms.

He succeeded Iraq over the past two years to remove many of the barriers to stay covered under Chapter VII and trying to persuade Kuwait to agree to get him out of this chapter, but Kuwait refuses to do so until debt repayment Iraq and compensation owed as a result of the invasion of Kuwaiti territory in 1990.

And signed by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the scope of his visit to the Czech Republic, arming contract worth billion, two days after he signed a similar contract with Russia Baiqma $ 4.2 billion.