Talabani: dialogues and meetings in the coming days to resolve the outstanding problems between the Iraqis

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani that the coming days will witness dialogues and meetings deeper between Iraqis in order to resolve the outstanding problems. According to a statement issued by the Presidency of the Republic on Thursday that Talabani received a large delegation from the Kurdistan Alliance in the House of Representatives discussed the political situation and the efforts made in order to reach national understandings between the political parties.

Talabani said: It is sensed during his meetings with the leaders of the blocks a desire to work together to overcome obstacles and difficulties, pointing to the importance of relying on the language of “dialogue in the parliamentary debates and ask constructive comments in political dialogues to reach agreements and adoption of laws and legislation.

He stressed the need to continue the Kurdistan Alliance to national role in the convergence of views to achieve joint action and harmony between the parliamentary blocs, through meaningful dialogues based on the principles of the Constitution and the agreements signed between the political parties.

He stressed the need to respect human rights and detainees and prevent injustice, explaining his interest in human rights, and the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary as the guardian of the Constitution and awake to implement its provisions. The political process in Iraq suffer from the dispersion of a clear distinction between the parties involved in leadership due to some outstanding issues including the Convention (Erbil), as well as the issue of the security ministries that are still running proxy. Observers believe the political situation in Iraq that the solutions to the political crisis has eluded the masses and their leaders, despite the shuttle movement to Talabani, who made efforts in his conversations with the leaders of these blocks.