U.S. soldiers demanding compensation after being exposed to chemicals while in Iraq

U.S. soldiers demanding compensation after being exposed to chemicals while in Iraq

Friday 12 October 2012

Follow-up – and babysit – U.S. soldiers filed a lawsuit saying they were exposed to toxic chemicals during their stay in Iraq in 2003, which have suffered serious illnesses, and demanded compensation.
The lawyers said 12 of National Guard soldiers in the city of Oregon that their clients have been exposed to these toxic substances during their work in Iraq in the wake of the U.S. invasion in 2003 when assigned to protect civilian workers who repair facility for water treatment used by the oil sector in southern Iraq, after the contaminated material sodium dichromate, a well-known carcinogen and prohibited use within the United States.

The soldiers threw the blame on the company “Kellogg Brown & Rozats” (known as KBR) and is responsible for project management, accusing it of negligence and deceit and exposing workers Active risk and began Federal Court in Portland, Ore. The case before yesterday, where he presented Mike Doyle’s lawyer soldiers number of documents that indicate that the soldiers suffered from serious diseases of the respiratory system, and the types of deficiencies and deficits, and they are susceptible to cancer.

Doyle said, before a jury of six men and six women, the company «KBR» knew what was needed to be done before it goes any employee to this site, noting that it was there were 700 bags of material sodium dichromate in the water plant, and that most of this article was in the form of wind-borne powder around the station and accused the company lawyer to expedite the work on the site in Iraq, despite knowing what it entails risk.

While said Jeffrey Harrison, lawyer company “KBR” which is based in Houston, Texas, the U.S. government contracted to work in more than 200 facility, including water station and said that the company was quoted openly and honestly to the army and the strength of the National Guard risks exposure of sodium dichromate and questioned Harrison that soldiers illness was because of their work at the site, referring to the report of the Army estimated that the soldiers came to sodium chromate is not likely to greatly significant health effects in the long run.

The U.S. Defense Department has contracted with the company “KBR” in late 2002, and cost assessment and repair Iraqi oil installations, where he was the U.S. Army feared then that the Iraqi president (late) Saddam Hussein set fire to oil fields as he did in Kuwait after Gulf War.

And rejected the company “KBR” comment on the case, and only official press relations company saying that the case is still pending before the judiciary, adding that the company’s history supervisor and a leading market position in the projects the government sector and gas projects, oil, electricity, construction and infrastructure for being equipped to serve low-cost The high efficiency and completely reliable.

He stressed that the company is one of the ten largest companies dealing with U.S. Department of Defense and operates sites in the United States, Australia and Africa, Britain and the Middle East, and concluded several contracts with U.S. military forces since World War II and during the Vietnam War and even the war in Iraq.

The company “KBR” the largest construction company in the United States, which is a subsidiary of “Halliburton”, and took over the contract to build the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, and set up base camps in Kandahar and Bagram air base

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